Friday, 3 March 2017

Half Term, Birthdays and Beyond

I must have uttered this every year since we became parents but for me February whizzes past in the blink of an eye.
When the children were younger and there were such things as birthday parties to sort as soon as the page on the calendar was turned it was head down and on with the planning for 2 birthdays on 23rd.
Throw half term into the mix as well as a sprinkling of other birthdays and these things combined ensured there was 4 weeks of busyness.

Let's go back to half term and then bring things up to date.

Monday to Wednesday T and S were busy with friends, sometimes in and sometimes out.
I pottered over those days catching up with jobs around the home.
Nothing interesting just sorting the junk drawer in the dining room, tidying the bookshelf outside our bedroom and sourcing some new butterflies for my earrings so they could be worn again.

I read this book in a few days. It was a quick read. I didn't much care for Tressa one of the main characters. I found her grandmothers story of her marriage much more interesting than Tressa who was trying to work out what she wanted from her new marriage. Again this book has been sat on my bookshelf forever and is now on the way to the charity shop.

Wednesday saw us going to the vets with Melvin. Can you see the left hand side of his face is swollen? Long story short the vet popped it, he had an antibiotic injection and was much happier and we were £153 poorer.

Thursday was birthday day with cards, presents and (unfortunately) disappointing news at breakfast. T has been counting down the months, then weeks, then days and hours until his first driving lesson. At 7am he received a text to say his driving instructor was ill and so she had to cancel. He was very disappointed as you can imagine.
My mum, G's mum and her partner J came for lunch and cake.
T went out to meet a friend for hot chocolate and then it was time for us to take S and two friends trampolining, then for food and then back to us for a sleepover. Meanwhile T had gone bowling with friends and then on for food. Once home his friend J came to see him and so although his day didn't have the best start he got out and about and it ended on a better note.
Next day we took S and her friends to town for shopping and ice cream. 

Friday evening we were fit for nothing and flopped on the sofa to watch Far from the Madding Crowd. I've never read the book and wasn't 100% sure of the story but I loved this movie. I now want to read the book.

Saturday got off to a slow start with a bit more movie watching, this time inspired by our trip to the theatre the other weekend, we watched Easter Parade and sang along, very badly in my case,to the songs we knew.

Sunday was all about the football. Saints were in the EFL cup final. Sadly they didn't win, who knows what would have happened had their first goal not been incorrectly disallowed.

On Monday I went and did a grocery shop and popped a few little Easter chocolate treats into the trolley in readiness for the hunt in April. Couldn't resist this little Lindt sheep, apparently he is exclusively available in Tesco stores only.

After a busy return to work on Tuesday I came home and spent an hour or two finishing off my next read, Holy Fools by Joanne Harris. Within the first few pages I was hooked into the world of the Juliette and the other nuns and their life on their little island. I loved Chocolat and The Lollipop Shoes and now I love this one too. I have more JH in my to be read pile and I can't imagine not enjoying all those too.

Wednesday was St David's Day so I made sure there were daffodils in the vase, no hardship as a bunch of these cheery flowers are always very welcome.

I'm pleased to report that T finally had his first driving lesson on Thursday of this week and he LOVED it. He rang G afterwards who said he was bubbling over with excitement and the praise he received from his instructor. Phew, I'm glad after the false start it went well.

Now here we are at Friday evening with the weekend ahead, hope it's a good one for one and all.


  1. Awww, poor Melvin, he must have been so uncomfortable, I hope he's feeling better now, especially when his treatment has cost so much. I don't know where vets find their prices from. What a disappointment for T on his birthday, I'm glad the rest of the day went well and that his lesson, when it eventually came, was successful. I remember crying after my first driving lesson, I hated it so much. I've never read anything by Joanne Harris but I've heard other good reviews so perhaps I should put her on my list.

  2. You have had a busy time recently Lisa! I am glad T got his all important driving lesson in the end! I love Joanne Harris books - Blackberry Wine being my favourite. I am sure I would love the one you just read too. Sorry to hear about Melvin and hope he is feeling better now. Have a great weekend. x

  3. Sounds like you've been busy but all good things (aside from poor Melvin and your bank balance!). I'm glad T had a good first driving lesson, I was much the same with learning to drive - I was ready to get going as soon as I turned 17 and passed my test 6 months later!

    I read Far From the Madding Crowd so that I could watch the film - I loved the book and loved the film just as much :)

  4. Your half term sounds really nice, full of pottering and celebrations. Shame about the vet's bill though, ouch! I'm glad T had such a successful first driving lesson. x

  5. Melvin didn't look happy poor puss cat. Well done T on his first driving lesion. I loved reading Lollipop shoes.

  6. It sounds as if you had a good half term ...

    I'm glad Melvin is obviously feeling much better now, but vet bills are not cheap are they!!!

    Thank goodness T finally got his first driving lesson in, a most special occasion.

    Continued good wishes for the month of March.

    All the best Jan

  7. What a week! Full of everything! And now your watch begins.... hope T enjoys his lessons! I'd be a wreck waiting for them to come back x

    Can I ask a favour? Would you agree to be featured on my hygge blog? As a hyggely blog? If you're interested, please get in touch x

  8. Hello Lisa! This sounds a lovely varied
    week. It's nice to hear that T eventually got his driving lesson and that his day worked out. The sheep is very cute.
    I read Chocolat which I enjoyed although it didn't give me a burning urge to read more Joanne Harris.
    Hope all is well.x