Friday, 31 March 2017

Read, Watched and Bought

I didn't manage much reading this month.
I first saw Pip mentioned on Louise's blog when she declared it her favourite Freya North book having had read it more than once.
I picked my copy up in a book sale at the local library.
It's a very light-hearted romance between a clown (Pip) and an accountant. 
Mentioned in the story are Pip's two sisters Fen and Cat and reading the author's info I saw that she has written stories about them too. I shall keep an eye out for those when the car boots start up again.

Neither G or I had ever seen a Woody Allen movie until we watched Manhattan Murder Mystery a couple of weekends ago. We won't be rushing to watch another as we both found aspects of this movie irritating but G said there are a couple he would still like to give a go, namely Annie Hall and Hannah and Her Sisters.
We have also seen Priscilla Queen of the Desert which was funny and moving and Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day which was a wonderful 'Sunday afternoon curl up on the sofa with a hot chocolate' kind of movie.

Minimal purchases were made from the charity shop in March.
First up is a shiny pair of shoes for work.
Whoever donated them didn't wear them, they were still brand new and cost me £4.50.

Barnardos came up trumps again with a lovely M&S black and white summer dress

and this navy and white polka dot rain jacket. Love this the most.
Both were £1.99.

I just had to include these flowers as well.
G came home from work with these for me yesterday evening, for no reason.
Lucky me.


  1. I really like your dotty jacket. Not sure if I've read any books by Freya North x

  2. What a thoughtful husband, and for no reason too, I can't remember the last time Mick bought me flowers. Eleanor and I saw Priscilla Queen of the Desert at the theatre and really enjoyed it but I've never seen the film. You did well with your charity shopping again this month, I really like the jacket.

  3. Flowers for no reason are just so good, aren't they?

    Woody Allen wise, I'd say go for some of his later movies, the early ones are weird. I love Midnight in Paris, about a time travelling American who stumbles on the 1920's Paris of Hemingway and Fitzgerald. I also love The Purple Rose of Cairo, where the hero from a movie comes to life to rescue an undervalued and unloved 1950's (40's? Can't remember) housewife.

  4. The shiny shoes remind me of the old story about Roman Catholic girls, who used to be told not to wear shiny ( patent) leather shoes because the boys would see your underpants in the reflection.....!

  5. I don't think I've ever seen Manhattan Murder Mystery, I must rectify that at once! I've read a few Freya North books though and always enjoyed them. But I am most impressed by your charity shop finds, you really are good at spotting such great stuff. That polka dot raincoat is especially lovely.

  6. Love the wrap over dress Lisa! x

  7. You did very well with your shopping again, love that wrap over dress.

    Flowers ... just so lovely, and what beautiful colours too.

    All the best Jan

  8. I'm glad you had some unexpected flowers from G!!! The new purchases are great esp the jacket! My mum really loves Freya North books! I've not read any!