Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Weekend round up

Back at the tail end of January S began going to street and hip hop dance lessons with her friend A.
A has been doing this for many years and has won lots of competitions and has many trophies. Another competition was held this last weekend and S asked a few weeks ago if she could go along to cheer on her friend.
She then decided that actually she would quite like to enter the competition herself.
As it was a late decision she had to enter as 'a solo' which of course meant she would be dancing on her own.
We were so proud of S, not only did she feel confident enough after a few short weeks of going to dance to want to take part in the competition she was also confident enough to do it on her own.
She could wear whatever she wanted and seeing it was her first competition we took her into town on Saturday morning to choose something new to wear.
I don't have any pictures to show as S didn't want us to go and watch, she said it would make her feel more nervous!
Although she wasn't placed S did have a tremendous time with her friends and she enjoyed the whole experience. 

After S had chosen her new trousers and top she and A hopped on a bus back home to practice some more whilst G and I stayed out as we had other things to do.
First off we grabbed some lunch and headed to the park to eat.
Absolutely loved the choice of plants and colour combination on display in this flower bed.

From there we made our way towards a part of town called Northam. G wanted to check out a vinyl record shop as this was en route to our next destination. Whilst he was inside I stayed out in the sun and watched the light glinting on Shoal, a huge metal fish sculpture by Tom Grimsey. 
It was sad to see only a handful of shops occupied in this part of town, it was once full of junk/antique/second hand book/shops. I know councils are strapped for cash but this part of town could be so much more vibrant.

G was extremely pleased to find a Yes LP to add to his collection.
We took the footpath over the train track which leads to St Mary's football stadium, home of the Saints. Saturday's match was being shown on TV and although kick off was still a few hours away it was already a busy place with people getting prepared, constantly in and out of huge outside broadcasting vehicles.

From there it was just a hop, skip and a jump to our final destination of Shamrock Quay. This was the venue for a Hampshire farmers market event. Live music and classic cars were also on offer but I failed miserably on the photo front and didn't manage to take any at all. Too busy sat in the sun enjoying the atmosphere and a cup of tea.

Sunday was a quiet one.
S was out dancing, T was out socialising and G was out working. 
I stayed in and did a lot of the housework jobs I normally do on a Monday as this Monday held something different.
I wish I could say it was something interesting.
Last year I had root canal treatment on one of my canine teeth.
Unfortunately it didn't work. It seems that this tooth has two canals, something which I have since learned is very unusual in a canine.
So a specialist was needed.
I did some research and found one in Salisbury and that's where I went Monday morning.

I had to walk past a branch of Debenhams and as I did I spied these enormous paper roses on display in the window, aren't they gorgeous.

Step one of the treatment was undertaken and I now need to go back next Monday for it be completed. I was in that dentist chair for about 75 minutes and I have to admit that when I returned home I could quite easily have snuggled down and joined Malcolm for a cat nap. I think the concern over the procedure and the accompanying nervousness made me feel tired once it was all over and I was home again.
Keep your fingers crossed for me next week!


  1. Well done to S, what a star having the confidence to enter a competition when she hasn't been dancing for long, I wouldn't have the nerve. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend and didn't let Monday's prospect spoil it for you. Hope you finally get it all sorted out next week. I'm due a trip to the dentists, I cancelled it when I was ill over Christmas and still haven't got round to making a new appointment.

  2. Cracking weekend!
    And you have my full sympathy with the tooth. I hate the dentist!

  3. How fantastic that S is so confident already, how exciting for her to be entering competitions already and even more importantly having such fun. Ouch on the root canal work, at least it's almost over, Malcom looked very sweet curled up asleep xx

  4. What a lovely weekend before your dentist visit. I have spent many hours at the dentist over the last six months so I can sympathise and understand totally. It is horrid, but I hope that you are now on the way to things being resolved and you will no longer have any problems. Also, when I get home from the dentist I always go to bed for a few hours because I find it exhausting too, so you are not unusual, and I think it is good to rest and get over these things! Take care of yourself. xx

  5. I feel for you Lisa. I have had many root canal treatments over the years and dentists have profited from me nicely! It is so good to know that S is becoming a confident young woman. A step for her independence in performing without you and getting the bus home with her friend too! She is a credit to you and G! x

  6. I don't get the opportunity that often but I do like visiting Farmers Markets.

    Well done to S she is growing into a very confident young woman. It's so good to do something like this that you thoroughly enjoy.

    I sympathise with you and send my good wishes as you return to the dentist.
    I always find dentists are so very nice in person, but none of us like to go!

    All the best Jan

  7. That is fantastic! S is a very brave and determined girl, bravo to her!! Oh poor you, I am So sorry about the root canal!!! I hate tooth issues!!

  8. I love dancing. It has always been my dream to be able to dance in front of an audience. Dance your heart out and show them what you’re made of. Also my sympathy on the problem with your tooth. Going to the dentist is never fun but it usually turns out all right. Always worth it when you can save a tooth.