Thursday, 6 April 2017

Easter Decorating

Although I could quite easily have cat napped on Monday after my dental appointment I decided to do something which I knew would cheer me up.
First off I hung up my new Easter wreath. I made this a couple of weeks ago.
Last year I made a bunny wreath for the front door.
This year I fancied something different.
I bought a metre of dress netting which was cut into strips which were then wrapped around a polystrene wreath.
A bag of 99p mini glitter eggs were then stuck onto pins and pushed into the wreath.

Then it was onto changing the mantelpiece in the dining room.

Bunnies, candles,

chicks and eggs will now be on display until the end of April. Let's hope there's some chocolate as well before too long.

We have a new addition in the front room.
T bought me this Easter Egg Hunt sign.
He said he saw it and thought 'mum likes things like that' and decided he would buy it for me as a surprise gift.
Such a thoughtful thing to do and very much appreciated.


  1. Lovely Easter wreath and a simply gorgeous Easter mantelpiece.
    Funny I was thinking of getting our Easter goodies/ornaments out soon ... you may have just spurred me on.

    Good wishes for the upcoming weekend

    All the best Jan

  2. I never think to decorate for Easter. It's not a big celebration in our house, but your lovely ideas has me thinking maybe I should! X

  3. You look eggstremely eggstatic about easter! Sorry, couldn't resist! Everything looks lovely and cheerful and I hope that it brings you a lot of joy this Easter!

  4. I love your easter display xx The handmade wreath is fab, very creative.

  5. You've done a great job with your Easter wreath and I love the mantel decor, especially that cute little bunny. What a thoughtful young man T has grown to be.

  6. What a lovely thought T had! Looking very Eastery at your house!

  7. Oh Lisa, your decorations are so sweet. I just like you, is LoVe decorating for Easter. Your door wreath is great, outdoor Easter decorations are still a rarity in Britain a shame really, when we stayed in Germany everyone had decorations out, it was so pretty! So it's lovely to see I have a kindred spirit. Have a wonderful weekend! Xx

  8. Love your wreath and so many eggs and bunnies. How thoughtful T is, your house looks all ready for Easter xx

  9. The decorations are brilliant!!! You are clever! They look super!

  10. I'll be around for the Easter Egg Hunt then!!! Your home looks so lovely with a theme for the season. I think it makes a celebration last that bit longer. x