Thursday, 13 April 2017

9 Years and One Week Later

Some weeks just fly by.
When you look back you're not exactly sure what you did or why the time has flown by the way, it just has.
It's been a week like that around here.
Mind you where have the last 9 years gone?
See that serious little girl on the see saw.
That's a photo taken of a 3 year old S during our introduction week with her.
It was 9 years ago last Friday that the four of us travelled home together from her foster parents.
The serious look stayed for some time!
We did have a little treat planned but things didn't quite pan out so hopefully we'll be doing it soon instead.

Saturday morning G and I wandered along to a book sale at a local church, we didn't stay long as there wasn't much on offer

and so we made our way to a cafe for ice cream. Caramel fudge clotted cream ice cream in fact. And yes it was delicious.

We went to our first car boot of the year Sunday morning, lots of finds which I'll put together in a post at the end of the month.
Our weekend was rounded off with a wonderful evening going to see Sara Pascoe. It's the first time we've seen her live and we would definitely go again, Sara had us chortling away the whole time.

Monday was my second trip to the dentist for the rest of the root canal treatment.
The dentist was pleased with how things looked.
There has been a small amount of discomfort this week which is only to be expected. Just hoping it all settles and that's the end of it.  

Tuesday was a late start at work after dropping S of at a day of dance.
6 teachers were coming in for the day to teach 6 new styles of dance. 
Vogueing, Krumping and Afrobeats were among those on offer. I'd only heard of one of those and am still none the wiser about what some of they actually are, but S enjoyed it which is what it's all about.

               (loving the lobster shoes featured in the new CK catalogue I received this week)

S has been out and about each day of the school hols this week.
As well as her dance day she has seen different friends each day which I'm pleased about. T has had two driving lessons, worked an extra shift and spent time with friends.

Little things always make me happy, like wearing my bunny ear ear-rings a couple of times this week, aren't they cute.

A few tentative plans have been made this sky pink evening for the Easter weekend.
G will be working on Saturday and Sunday and off Friday and  Monday so we need to make the most of the time off together.
I'll let you know how we get on.
Happy Easter to you all. xx


  1. The years certainly do fly past, that is why it is so nice to look back at photographs.

    Vogueing, Krumping and Afrobeats! The only one I've heard of is Afrobeats ... I'm so pleased S is enjoying her dancing and that T has had some more driving lessons ... it just gives you a sense of freedom somehow!

    Wishing you a Happy Easter Weekend

    All the best Jan

    PS That last photograph is lovely

  2. I hope S demonstrated the dancing so you could join in!!

    have a lovely weekend

  3. Look how cute S looks!!! I'm glad she had fun at the dance day and had been enjoying herself! I LOVE those Cath Kidston shoes and am very tempted by them! Can't wait to see the boot sale buys!!

  4. I've been looking back at a lot of old photos this week too, I've had all my albums out and been taking them to my mum and dad's for them to look at. Goodness, hasn't S grown in those nine years, she did look very serious back then, bless her. She's always so smiley when you show photos of her now. Glad you got your tooth sorted out, I hope it settles down soon. Enjoy the Easter weekend, it's a shame G has to work but I know you'll make the most of the time he's got at home.

  5. What a beautiful photograph, even with that serious face, her beauty just shines through. Cute ear rings, have a happy Easter xx

  6. Happy Easter Lisa! Little things make me happy too. You have done a great job in raising your children. S does look a serious little soul in the photo! I hope you all get time to celebrate in becoming a family very soon. x

  7. Lisa, time really flies, I'm glad that S has swapped her serious face for a happy one these days, I sure that is by no small means thanks to all your nurturing LoVe & support. I hope your tooth has settled down now so you can enjoy a lovely Easter with your family.
    Anna xx
    p.s. I also have fallen hook line & sinker for those Cath Kidston espadrilles!

  8. Goodness, 9 years! Your children are growing so fast. Happy Easter to you too. x

  9. One of her friend's children like Sara Pascoe so much they've named the cat after her, so the comedian is now called The Human Sara Pascoe.

  10. I bet S enjoyed the dancing; has she shown any moves to you ? Happy Easter to you all x

  11. S looks so cute in the photo! Hope you're having a nice Easter weekend!