Tuesday, 21 March 2017


The year before last when working at the doctor's surgery I, along with my colleagues, received a Christmas time thank you of a £100 high street vouchers gift card.
Can you believe it took me until this January to spend any of it.
My first purchase was a new electric toothbrush, not exactly exciting but something I needed to replace.
Then whilst in town on Monday, with some all important time to myself to peruse, I made a beeline for the underwear department in M&S.
It was bra time bliss!
Being able to amble around the displays and look at what was on offer, make up my mind and then go and try them on.
Let's face it something so basic needs to fit exactly right and be as comfy as can be. I made my selection and used my gift card to pay, silently thanking my previous employers as I did so.
Once home I sorted out through my underwear drawer and found that one of S's first bras had somehow got itself mixed up in with mine. It's no good for her now and so I packaged it up to be sent to a very worth while charity Smalls For All. 
As their website says they accept donations of gently worn bras which are then sent to Africa and distributed to women for whom having such underwear is a luxury. I have posted the address details as maybe next time any who reads this is having a sort out they may have something suitable to send which could be of use to a woman elsewhere in the in the world.


  1. I hadn't heard of this, what an excellent idea, I shall definitely use the address when Imogen has a sort out, thank you xx

  2. OOoh, yes, I am just about to clear out some bras! Will definitely do this. I just didn't find them comfy so they are lightly worn!!

  3. Thank you for this, I've got a drawer full just waiting to be donated. I remember the Bin Your Bra campaign where bins were put in various shops for bras to be donated and though I missed the campaign, I saved both my own and Eleanor's bras when we had a sort out afterwards, only to find that the campaign didn't run the following year. I thought I might find a similar campaign eventually so I've hung on to them all, there's quite a few, so I shall send them off.

  4. I will ass the address on to the charity shop, thank you x lovely to have vouchers to spend.

  5. I've always liked M&S for their undies ...

    I hadn't come across this charity before, so many thanks.
    It's always good to pass on useful items

    Hope you've had a good Mother's Day

    All the best Jan