Saturday, 2 December 2017


A couple of years back my sister's and I began a new tradition.

During the year we gather 18 little gifts and then add to these with 6 more which can either be drunk or eaten.
Making a total of 24, one to be opened each day leading up to Christmas Day.
We have a rule that no gift should cost more than £1.00.
Keeping an eye out all year round means you can pick up some real bargains along the way.
At the end of November we gather together to exchange them all ready for the first of December.
This year I bought gifts for my sister T, T bought for our sister C and C bought for me.

I am going to attempt to share them, if not daily, then as often as I can.

My first gift was this reindeer cake tin.

This morning I opened the first edible gift. 
A packet of Viennese biscuits, the kind that melt in the mouth and once opened don't last very long!!


  1. What a lovely tradition with your sisters x

  2. What a lovely cake tin, just the thing to put the Christmas cake in, if you have one, none of us like it so we don't bother. I love those Viennese biscuits, I can't stop at one so I know what you mean about them disappearing once the packet's opened.

  3. This is such a lovely tradition Lisa building up to Christmas Day! x

  4. What a lovely idea, you do have some good traditions. I think they may be my most favourite biscuits xx

  5. that is such a lovely idea! Ooh, I would say pass me a biccy, but I take it they've all gone then?! x

  6. That is a lovely idea for you to do that for each other.

  7. That's such a nice idea.

    Love the red reindeer cake tin, and I'm sure you enjoyed the Viennese biscuits!

    All the best Jan