Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Gifts to My Sisters

My last post was a catch-up on all about the gifts my sister T gave me for Christmas.
This post is about the gifts I gave her and my other sister C.

With the £10 budget I had to spend on C I bought her this longer length top

a brand new cushion cover,

a set of Gisela Graham heart shaped frames,

a Spread the Love sign,

a glass vase with heart motif,

a red glass candlestick which I was very tempted to keep,

a snowflake patterned table runner,

a festive coffee/hot chocolate pot

and a biscuit barrel. These first 9 items were all a pound a piece.

This butterfly t-shirt

and the mint sauce jug with dish were both 50p each.
C loved this little set in particular. It was actually the last thing I bought for her,  a great little bargain from the church Christmas bazaar.

This is only part of the gift I gave to my sister T, she who gifted me the marvellous puddings.
I was really struggling with a present idea for her until I went to the Christmas event held in my local high street. 
There I spied this storage jar with it's Whisk me Away motif.
She is a very tidy and organised person so I knew she'd be able to make use of the jar in some way, if only to keep together all the bits and bobs I was giving her.

So what if you do get whisked away?
Why then you'll be in need of some travel items.

I bought her a set of plastic bottles, the kind you use for decanting shampoo or shower gel into.
The set I purchased also came with a little funnel to make this job so much easier.
I added a small fabric drawstring bag which could maybe be used for putting more delicate items of clothing into. As it was a Christmas gift I went with polar bears. 
Also I thought they were incredibly cute.
The final item was one of these macaroon cases, the perfect little receptacle for stashing away earrings or other small items of jewellery you want to take away with you.

Maybe you know someone who would find a gift like this useful. I like it when I stumble across gift ideas. I jot them in my planner to help when inspiration is needed.

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  1. Wow you have found a great many bargain finds but truly special gifts xx