Monday, 8 February 2010

family time

It seems an age since we last spent a weekend like this one we've just had.

Saturday morning all 4 of us trouped off to the cinema to watch Fantastic Mr Fox.
Really enjoyed the movie and the fact it was the first time we had all gone to the cinema together.

Saturday afternoon we spent a couple of hours down at the shore. Thankfully the sun made a brief appearance.

I like the organic shape of the seats along the path.

G posing for the camera, surely not?!

T happy to be out and active.

S wearing her new favourite item of clothing with her pink Halloween tights and a pink coat!

Sunday was spent in Salisbury.
G's dad was 80 during the week and so there was lunch out with family and friends to celebrate.

After a very lovely meal we went to sit on the lounge where we enjoyed tea, coffee and Grandma's, extremely delicious, home made chocolate birthday cake.
In here Grandad's birthday helium balloon made a bid for freedom and ended up on the ceiling.

Being 6ft 5in G wondered if he popped S on his shoulders and then stood on one of the sofas their combined effort may have been resulted in it's retrieval!

But after a great deal of fun and giggles during the whole escapade the balloon was rescued by a far more sensible option as a member of the hotel staff provided us with a long pole which was used to knock it into a grabbing position.

S did help me with the selecting of a name from the hat for the red scarf, but unfortunately there are no photos as they were really blurred, must have had the camera on the wrong setting!
Anyway I'm pleased to say that the person I'll be sending it off to is diane. Will pop it in the post one day this week.
Hope everyone had as lovely a weekend as we did.


  1. I'm excited!! I never win anything usually - perhaps I should get a lottery ticket too. Your weekend looks lovely Lisa - glad you had a good time. xxx

  2. Well you certainly sound like you had a wonderful weekend with your loved ones!! I love The Fantastic Mr Fox!! We used to play it for Miss and Master Angel when they were small (we had tapes!! Yes that old!!) in the camper when we used to drive to Italy!! They loved it!!

  3. Happy birthday to the lovely Grandad!
    Hope for more wonderful weekend like this one to come!

  4. Grandad's looking good! Many Happy returns!
    Family weekends like that are such fun.A good time had by all I think.


  5. What a lovely weekend, sounds like you had great fun.

    Hugs RosieP x

  6. Looks like you also had a great weekend! Daniel is 6ft 5 too (over a foot taller than me!); it's a good height to be, I reckon, even if not quite enough to retrieve balloons from heigh ceilings!

  7. Sounds like a great weekend. I love Fantastic Mr. Fox ... but I'll probably never see the film as my children are far too old now ... sob! sob! We had tapes in the car too. Congrats to the birthday boy!! love Kathy xxx

  8. what a lovely weekend lisa....i miss those outings when the children were young...special times

  9. Lovely to see your birthday celebration. Many happy returns to your grandad!!! Glad you got the balloon back!

  10. Oh, to be out on a bicycle!! Soon, soon...

    What a lovely place to have a birthday celebration; so glad it was a lovely time!

  11. So glad you had a lovely weekend! I would like to see Mr Fox, such memories from childhood!

    Happy Birthday to G's dad! What a handsome man!

  12. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend, how I envy you living close to the sea. The seats ate beautiful, they remind me of upturned boats.
    Ann x

  13. That sounds like a lovely wonderful weekend. It great when it pans out just perfect like that.

    Hope you are having just as lovely week.


  14. Hello You -

    Just to let you know that you've won my birthday giveaway... Let me know your adress or email & I will deliver one husband, 2 children, 2 cats & a pile of ironing to your door...

    Or perhaps a box of things I hope you will find lovely....

    Love Lydia xx

  15. Sounds like you all had a good weekend.
    Are sure he was 80, dosen't look a day over 60!

    Jo xx

  16. Dear Lisa
    thank you for popping by so quickly and your kind offer! I will definitely be asking you lots of questions in the coming months, no doubt!! Our preparation course is in March and we hope to find out about a social worker soon. Lots of excitement and anticipation here!
    Thank you again,
    Denise x

  17. Hello Lisa,

    I seem to be gradually catching up with everyone! Where does the time go?

    No snow for us in the end, only a tiny covering like icing sugar, nothing too exciting unlike down the road where it was epic!

    What a lovely 80th Birthday celebration, loved the balloon catching escapade. Hope you all have a good weekend this week!

    Sarah x