Wednesday, 3 February 2010

car boot, cath and clothes

All being well my sister is moving from a rented 2 bedroom bungalow to buying her own 1 bedroom flat next month.
My sister is a terrible hoarder. Those little tea pot shaped holders you keep on the kitchen side to pop your used tea bag in, she has 6 of those! Yes 6 and she isn't a tea drinker!
Anyway she needed to have a good clear out and to give her the push into doing it I nagged her into doing a car boot sale last Sunday.
She sold just about everything she took with her and made just over £100!

After we had packed the car up ready for home we decided a quick look round the remaining car booters was needed.

My purchases were this CK bag made for Tesco for 50p

this totally gorgeous picture for 50p

and this necklace for 10p. Worn here with the jumper I acquired at the clothes swap I went to the other week. Didn't I do well?!

This rainbow of colour also came home from the clothes swap. It's a size 8 skirt which is never going to fit me but i'm going to sew some ribbon on at the top to make straps so S can wear it as a dressing up dress.

Last new (to me) purchase are these polka dot scarves which I bought after my stint at the charity shop last week. I'm going to keep the black one but not the red I've decided. If anyone fancies the red one please leave me a message and if there is more than one person I'll draw a name out of a hat. Not the most luxurious giveaway ever held in blogland but if I've been nagging my sister about not keeping stuff I need to do the same I suppose and passing it onto a fellow blogger with good taste seems the ideal solution!

Edit to say.... scarf giveaway open until midnight Friday 5th, will draw a name on Saturday.


  1. Yay good for your sister!

    Still crocheting!?


  2. Red is my colour!! Pop my name in the hat! It looks lovely. You have a great eye for a bargain! xxx

  3. You never come home empty-handed, eh?! ;-)
    Love your French find!

  4. great stuff lisa.....i never seem to do well at boot sales, but making £100 for old stuff is not to be sniffed at.... maybe i should declutter a bit..........

  5. I really need to de-clutter too. Looking at your things a trip to the charity shop might be in order me thinks.

  6. Good for your sister!!! I had a massive clear out at the end of the summer, and took everything to one of our local charity shops!!! You found some great stuff at the car boot sale too!!! I'd love to be included in your give away please!! That scarf is wicked!!
    Thank you so much for my lovely pressie today!! I have a post coming out about it later - but I need to wait for IT support to come home from work to load the photos!!! Not quite got that yet!!!

  7. Oh you lucky thing finding the CK bag!

    Victoria xx

  8. Oh lovely bargins Lisa! and good luck to your sister with the move.
    Your day yesterday sounded really nice i would have felt nervous too! You'll have to come my way or meet in the middle one day! fliss xx

  9. Well done on the car boot front.
    & Loving your CS finds.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  10. It's always such fun to see what you come home with! I love both dotty scarves, but do NOT enter me in the drawing because I am swimming in scarves already! xoxo

  11. Well done on your car boot sale finds, and well done to your sister for turning her clutter into cash, too! Love the red scarf, would go very nicely with a red blouse I picked up in the charity shop recently - please can I be added to the 'hat'?

  12. Hats off to your sister for being able to declutter and make a mint too.
    Well done to you for finding the lovely things you found! I love the Cath Kidston bag for Tesco.
    Have a great weekend xxx

  13. Wow, what absolutely amazing finds!!! All for such a reasonable price too.

    Congratulations to your sister on "making home". What a lovely milestone for her! :)

  14. I definately need to do a boot sale,before I disappear under all the clutter in the house...and garage!Trouble is...when I've done them in the past...I spend as much as I make,cos I can't resist buying from the other stall holders!Can't wait for the car boot 'season' to come around again.
    You got some great bargains.

    Bellaboo :)

  15. I am beating a path to your door right now Lisa! I WANT THAT CK BAG! aAAARGHHHHHHH! I have been searching in vain since they first came out a couple of winter's ago! I cant believe you found ane at a Car Boot Sale, lucky you!

    Knock, knock, here I am at the door! tee hee!

    Good luck with the move for your sister and I hope you and your team have a lovely weekend,

    sarah x

  16. £100 at a car boot in January - now that shows serious commitment to decluttering!


  17. Love all your bargains, especially the picture!

  18. That's such a funny story about your sister and the 6 tea bag holders!!
    I'm impressed with her car boot sales - good for her. We're waiting for the weather to warm up before taking stuff to the car boot - we usually do a few each year and make a good sum - but not as much as your sister! The trouble is I tend to buy rather a lot from the car boot too.....
    D x