Saturday, 30 January 2010


Thursday was a very exciting day.
I met up with another blogger!
It was a little daunting meeting someone you don't actually know, but at the same time you do know quite a bit about them and they know just as much about you!
But there was no need to have been nervous as it was all good fun and she was just completely lovely.
Clare and I live relatively near each other and arranged to meet up so she could share her new crochet talents with me. Clare has recently learnt this fabulous craft and very kindly said she would show me the basics.
And Clare very generously bought me along a handmade gift.

Isn't it wonderful? My very own snowflake. I love it!
Thank you again Clare. I have been practising my chain stitch you'll be pleased to know.

Yesterday I went across the Solent to visit my oldest friend.

We've been friends since 1980, which seems a very long time ago in some respects and in others it's just like it was yesterday.
We had a brief wander around Cowes before heading back to her home for tea, cake and chat.
If anyone is going over to the Isle of Wight I can highly recommend Grace's bakery which you see as soon as you leave the high speed terminal and also this shop is a must. Lots of scrummy things for sale. And yes I did buy something. 2 birthday gifts and a little something for me but the photos of that were awful so it'll have to wait for another day.

I'm lucky to have some wonderful friends.
New ones and old ones alike.


  1. Ah how exciting It's always fantastic to meet up with bloggy friends!

  2. Oh how lovely & a personal crochet teacher too! I think the snowflake is beautiful - so delicate looking. That shop looks very interesting....

    Love Lydia

    ps Cookie the Cat says hi to Melvin...

  3. I love the snowflake .... I've got a friend who has just taken up crochet. I hope she will be able to make snowflakes soon ....

  4. Ooh, the last time I was on the Isle of Wight I was sporting a white spotty polkadot terry towelling two piece and was floating out to sea on an inflatable swan! Luckily my Dad swam to my rescue as I was only 3!

    I am so jealous that you have begun to learn crochet! My Mum is fed up of teaching me only to find that I have completely lost it as soon as she leaves! Sorry Magpie!

    Glad you and Clare had a lovely time,

    Sarah x

  5. 2 of my fave bloggers meeting up! I wish I lived nearer! Glad you had a good time. I have not been to the Isle of Wight since about 1979! but I did love it. I need to pop it on my list of places to visit again (so many of these now!!) That shop looks very dangerous!

  6. hi lisa
    how wonderful to meet up with a blog friend.....lucky you....and a lovely day out on the IOW....havent been there since i was a kid.....will put it on list of places must visit soon in england, we are planning a grand tour now holidays wont be including teens!

  7. It sounds like you've been having a great time.

    Victoria xx

  8. Hi Lisa

    Hope I didnt chatter on too much!
    It was great to finally meet up and even better to get on!

    Hope you've had time to practice the crochet skills I taught you ;o

    Clare x

  9. Sounds like you have been having lots of lovely fun with friends.

    It must be a bit nerve racking meeting up with someone you dont really know but sort of do......... if you see what I mean.

    That shop looks like you might need a very big purse to enter! it looks lovely and I bet you could buy (or want to) buy everything in there! lol.


    P.s The snowflake is beautiful!

  10. Will you teach me?

    You are right, friends are just one of the greatest blessings indeed!

  11. How lovely to meet up with a "virtual friend"!..when is G taking you to Venice then?! ;-)

  12. I love the snowflake!!! You sound like you have been having a great time!!

  13. Beautiful snowflake! It sounds like you had a lovely time and got on well!!! :0) you can teach me now.

    Melvin and Malcolm look adorable!

    Love Lou xxx

  14. What fun! The snowflake is charming, and yes, I very much would like to give that bakery a try...

  15. I've never met my blog friends as yet--but I feel as if I know them very well. Love the pretty snowflake!