Friday, 15 January 2010


Today our hearts are heavy with sadness.
Just after midnight last night I was at the vets with Tilly.
She was in so much pain. I made the decision to let her go.
I know it was the kindest thing to do but it doesn't help how I feel.
It's all the more difficult as she was Dad's and as well as losing her we've lost another part of him too.

Love you Tils.


  1. So sad for you all Lisa, but you did do the right thing.
    I dont know how I missed your last post (Teenage daughter hogging the PC a she cannot get out in the snow!!) I love the look of that pile of books!!!! but you need to get a book shelf!!
    Sending you love - and something else!!!!

  2. Hi Lisa, I send you and yours a big hug, I'm so sorry about your terrible loss, I was just reading your e-mail with your bad news. It's awful to think about how much she was in pain, poor dog, not sure if I would have been so brave as you were.

  3. Such sad news. Losing a pet-member is never easy. It is all for the better.

    P.S. I came here via Michela.

  4. Oh I'm so so sorry Lisa. What an upsetting experience for you all.


  5. Sending you big hugs (())

    Its awful losing a pet as they are so much of the family. But its the right thing to do when they are in too much pain.

    Take care.


  6. Oh Lisa, that is so sad, particularly as she had a connection to your Dad. I am really sorry for you all.
    At least she will be out of pain now.

  7. Oh I'm sorry thats a toughy.

    Clare xx

  8. Isn't life unfair at times? I think it's a blessing that we can advocate for animals and ease their distress, even when its not an easy thing to do.

    We lost my M&D dog Sam just before G's mum died. The odd thing was that the 9 year old started a trend of always referring to the Grandma's using their respective pet names. Grandma Sam & Grandma Cinder (after her cat). Anyway to cut a long story short, a couple of weeks ago, there was full floods of tears from the 6 year old over not being able to call Grandma Sammy, 'Sammy' 'cause the dog was dead,and Cinder was still alive, but not Grandma Cinder.

    It took some explaining.

    Big hug being sent -try & think of her as being with your dad....

    Love Lydia xx

  9. so sorry Lisa.....thats really tough, it was the right call though x

  10. So sorry, Lisa - always so sad to lose a pet, and even more poignant as she was your Dad's dog. Thinking of you xx

  11. So sorry to hear that Lisa, it must be such a hard decision to make.

    She was a beautiful dog, and I'm sure you have so many lovely memories.

    Sending you a hug and good wishes,


  12. I am so sorry to read this, sending you my deepest sympathy and thoughts, it's the hardest decision to make but it is the final act of love and kindness you could have given Tilly, she will rest in peace now and you always have your memories x

  13. I'm so, so sorry dear Lisa. There's just something about a faithful dog that tugs at the heart. Tilly will be in a better place now--better than being here and in pain. Thinking about you. . .

  14. Lisa this so awful for you. I am so very very sorry. She looks like a gorgeous girl, you must be aching without her.

    I know you did the right thing for her, I hope when the time comes I can be brave like you.

    Sending you love,

    Sarah x

  15. Hi Lisa,I’m so sorry! I remember having to do the’s got to be one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life. My heart goes out too you and your family.

    Thinking of Lou xxx

  16. So sorry to read your post. We had to do the same thing with our cat and dog about 15 years ago. I still remember the sadness we felt on both occasions.
    After all that time we took the plunge and got another dog just 2 years ago, and she's brought us so much joy. Kathy xxx

  17. So sorry to read this Lisa. It must be so very hard for you. Take care, best wishes, thinking of you

  18. Still thinking of you loads my friend!

  19. I was just catching up with your posts,and I read the very sad news...I am so very sorry.I know how you feel,as we had to have our 16 year old retriever put to sleep because of arthritis.It is like losing a family member...because that is what they become.

    I have an award for you on bellascountry.


  20. Sorry I found this post so late sweetheart!! so sad for your loss!! Sending loving thoughts to you and your lovely family!!!

  21. Hi Lisa, I am so sorry to hear about Tilly, for some reason I didn't see your original post. My heart goes out to you and your family. My beloved dog was ill last week and had to go to the vets. Thankfully he is a lot better now, just a strained muscle but it was heartbreaking watching him struggle to get up and he had lost all of his bounce and fun. I remember losing my last dog some years ago and how difficult it is to get over it, but it does get easier and eventually I got my head around taking on another rescue dog which is the best thing I could have done. Both of my dogs have been collies of one sort or another and I know how loyal and how much part of the family they become.
    Ann x