Saturday, 23 January 2010

reward and an award

I feel it's been a strange start to the year.
The weather, losing Tilly, the rubbish situation at work, T's (at times) challenging behaviour.
Then Thursday was a bit of a turning point as I had the day to myself.
I had some time to think and reflect.
I went to the Maritime museum to see an exhibtion about the cruise line companies.
I met G at lunchtime and we went for a wander around the art gallery.
I love this owl carving above the entrance to his office.

I did a bit of shopping.
I bought Christmas presents at vastly reduced prices and so have a couple of people already ticked off my list!
I bought this lovely glass botle for 50p in a charity shop and filled it up with bubble bath as it looks much prettier than the plastic bottle it came in.

I bought my 15 year old cousin's birthday gifts from New Look in the sale. A bargain £4.00 for the lot.

I washed the clothes that are new to me after going to a clothes swap event the night before.
There were other things which happened too. One of which I'll share another time soon.
I was very lucky to be given this award not just once this week, but twice!
Firstly from bellaboo and then from chezsophie.
Thank you both very much.
I seem to be saying thank you a lot recently.
And for that's something to be very thankful for.
I would like to pass this award on to ALL those who left me such kind words and messages recently. They all meant so much.

Hope everyone is having a happy sunshiney weekend.


  1. My goodness - you're so organised .... Christmas presents already. I can't even bear to think of another Christmas just yet!!! Kathy xxx

  2. I always say I will start doing my Xmas shopping in January...but I never do!Good for you.


  3. Hi I have just made a shopping list for craft type stuff to buy in town and was thinking the same thing.

    I really need to go next week, is that to soon?

    I walked round the art gallery a few months back, I'd not been for years.

    Let me know what you think and i'll send you my mobile number just in case we need to cancel.

    Looking forward to gassing!

  4. Love that owl!!!

    So glad you got some nice time to yourself. With a lunch date thrown in!

  5. Hi Lisa, I wish it were sunshiney outside but it is inside as I am on a mammoth marmalade making session. Half for us to eat and half to be given to lovely friends as Birthday presents! So you are not alone in your present planning!

    Sarah x

  6. Hello you - big hug.

    Sometimes headspace is needed. Sounds like the museum trip & time out with G was much needed.


  7. I'm so sorry it has been a tough beginning to the year, I do hope things improve significantly!

  8. Xmas shopping in January.....that is soooo organised. Im so sorry to read about your Tilly. We were in the same position just before Xmas 2007 with our dog Shandy who was 15years old, we couldnt think of replacing her but we did eventually bring home a rescue dog just over a year later who is a little monkey, he has big paws to fill. Your day at the museum sounded fun, I would have liked to see the cruise line exhibition X

  9. congratulations on your award!! You deserve it!!

  10. A wonderful day. So glad you took the time off and for yourself--you deserved that. You also deserve your double award. I love your blog!

  11. Ooh shall we make it thursday then?

    I will email you to sort it out, or vice versa, as I have no time issues.

    Clare x

  12. Hi Lisa, congrats on your award! ..are you a Virgo too like Diane?!
    A big hug to you and the kids xxx

  13. Wow you are super organised! Christmas pressie buying. It always makes sense, but we always seem to have so many birthdays throught the year too!

    Glad you are taking some time for yourself. Its good to take stock every once and a while.


  14. Sound like you had a lovely day. I've also started picking up a few prezzies too - we are doing well!

  15. Hi Lisa

    So sorry to read abour Tilly, how sad for you all. We lost our cat Pixie 18 months ago. He was 16 and we were all very upset.
    Not a nice start to the year for you.

    Well done on your award!

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x