Monday, 11 January 2010

the leaning tower

No snapshots of Pisa, just a tall and wonky pile of books that make up my 'to be read' pile.
I think there are 41 in this photo but I have found a few more since so am probably pushing 50.
I must not buy anymore books.

This is the book that is currently on my bedside table which I am reading at night time. I am hoping to learn something from it and introduce calmness into my life.

This one is also sat on the bedside cabinet. I bought it for 50p at a charity sale just before Christmas. It was published in the late 60's and I just love the title and cover illustration. Maybe if I find a few worthwhile tips inside that'll make me feel calmer too!


  1. You need to get to the library!!! Did you know you can order any titles online?

    I love the look of the last one though, I think I would've had to buy that too!

    Victoria xx

  2. I think I need tips from that housework book of yours!

    Your pile is as bad as mine. But books just keep landing on my desk. Hazard of the job, I suppose.

  3. Let me know how the 'Calm' book goes!


  4. I command you to blog about BOTH books, with advice aplenty for us (er, me)! >;-D

    And I shudder to think how tall my books-to-read pile would be. Probably floor to ceiling...

  5. :-) My 'to read' pile looks very similar! A tower of excitement waiting to be demolished (and promptly re-built, no doubt!)

  6. thats a lot of bloomin books the one first about ditching housework (love the cover) and put your feet up and make a start x

  7. I love you and your books Lisa. I think its because I secretly want to be you and reading them all. I think I have told you before I have lapsed, I was once quite prolific in this area!

    Do pass on your top tips on ones to buy!

    Sarah x

  8. Eeek! I love that towering pile of books! I am so jealous! I am terrible with books in that I read them so quick! so to have a pile like that to get through would be pure bliss.

    I do go through phases though, at christmas I got 3 new novels to read. Brilliant, but with all this weather though I have already read them all! Then another time I can have a book on the go for ages. Does depend if I am enjoying it or not though!

    Happy reading.


  9. Wow, impressive pile! I've just nosily enlarged the photo so I can see what's on there. Move The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets up to the top immediately - brilliant read!

  10. Looks like you need more spare time!!! Love the last book!!!