Thursday, 7 January 2010

snow story

Tuesday was my first day back at work. I had to pop to the big supermarket in town on my way home and as I was leaving I noticed people entering the store had big fluffy snowflakes on their hats. It was proper snowing! I rang home to find out what they were all up to and they hadn't even realised it had started as all 3 were up in the attic playing on the playstation! By the time I got home T and S had been out for a play in it although S had gone in complaining it was too cold when a snowball hit her on the head! T was still out with a couple of friends. He eventually came in at 8.30 and by then we had a mini snowman on the path. Thank goodness I had bought a bag of carrots the day before.

Yesterday morning G was able to get to work without a hitch as the buses were running reasonable ok. From 7am I had the radio on and kept updating the schools closure list on the internet until at 8.45 it was confirmed T's school was closed. S's though was open. Both were happy, T that he was staying home and S that she could go to school.
So T and I took her in and then come home and had a snowball fight with a few of his friends. I left them to it after a while as my fingers were stinging with the cold and went in to drink tea and eat a hot cross bun as this seemed like a far more sensible option.

We took this photo of T's school after dropping S off, the playground looks so perfectly white.

S's school decided to close at mid-day so she only had a half day in the end.
Out in the back garden we made a mini snowman and had another snowball fight, back indoors we wrote a few more thank you notes and cheated and sent a few by email too.

Today the schools are closed again. G left early to make sure he got in to work ok and was there half an hour early so he can leave half an hour early tonight. I am very thankful that we have enjoyed the snow and everyone is safe but I'm also wishing I had the house to myself today! I know that sounds mean but I after the school break and Christmas and all the busyness I was looking forward to a bit of quiet time.
That'll have to wait for another day and instead we'll make sure we all do something we enjoy.
And if you're reading this Sue, I hope you had a wonderful birthday earlier this week.


  1. Luckily you had bought some carrots..;-)
    Lovely pictures Lisa, have a fun day! xxx

  2. It looks set to last for ages up here - glad to see you making the most of it. xxxx

  3. I like a good snow story...
    Hope you manage to keep warm though, there is something special about this kind of weather. The children certainly are enjoying themselves.

  4. I can't remember having had this much snow since I was a child! It's so much fun although I have the urge to make a snowman myself!

    Victoria xx

  5. Oh how lovely! The snowman is wonderful! Having recently been in Canada I do quietly chuckle that schools are closed. The roads are fine here in Devon and yet all schools closed!

  6. I do love snowmen! If its still here on saturday I might make one myself!!!
    I have to say the snow is not so much fun for me this week!

  7. A Very Happy New Year Lisa.
    Love your snowman, you have made me want to go out and have a go now, I do love the snow, I am pleased it has lasted more than a day or two..just maybe we can be prepared better for next year! stock up on some salt!
    Carol x

  8. Hello! Happy New Year! It's been snowing here all week and no sign of any let up! Girls are off school and my oldest has been told that her school is closed on Monday too (in the middle of her exams!). However my youngest is having lots of fun playing in the snow just like yours! Keep warm this weekend

  9. I know exactly what you mean about wishing you had the house to yourself, Lisa. Thankfully William's school was open today at last, so he went back. I got SO much done at home! Have a great weekend x

  10. Schools have been closed here, too, but because of the hideous cold as much as the snow! And I relate completely to the disappointment of not having the house to yourself after all. We mothers need that quiet time! (Glad you went for the hot cross bun...)

  11. Lovely to hear about all the snow fun you've been having. And what a perfect snowman you have there!

  12. Sounds like you have all been making the best of the weather!!