Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Melvin and Malcolm

We have 2 new additions to the household.

This is Melvin.

This is Malcolm.

Last week G broached the subject of us having cats again.
We discussed the possibility.
G went to work the next day and on the office intranet someone had posted an ad saying that with regret they were looking to re-home their 2 cats.
We went and visited them on Thursday.
Melvin and Malcolm came to live with us and be part of our family at the weekend.
For me, after Tilly it is a bit soon, but I'm only one part of this family unit and I have to say the other members were very keen. They are a couple of cuties though.


  1. What a pair of beauties. You'll be smitten before you know it. I love their names!!!

  2. Ah bless!! Why is it that Mummy's are so easily overuled!!!!?

  3. What beautiful animals! I hope they're settling well into your household!

  4. Hello Melvin and Malcolm! You couldn't have a better home! xxx

  5. What a pair of cuties! The cat pictured first is just gorgeous!

    We used to have two cats but my DH got more and more allergic to them. But I do think it was maily because they were house cats, as we live on a busyish road.

    Aww they are so lovely!


  6. They are simply adorable!! So glad you have new additions :0)

  7. Hello again!

    They are very cute, I will def have to meet them!

    Clare x

    10 squares down 46 to go!

  8. Well, they are handsome fellows... in particular Melvin! I bet they'll end up ruined!


  9. Oh, Lisa - they are just gorgeous! You'll grow to love them, I'm sure xx

  10. This is eerie: my parents have a Malcolm, and he looks almost exactly like yours!!!! How can this be?!?!?

    ("Our" Malcolm is an absolute character...looking forward to getting to know yours!)

  11. Welcome Malcolm and Melvin, you have chosen a wonderful home!
    Lisa, you will get to know them and love them, even if they are different from Tilly ( well, they would be...).
    My mail address is ( nice and simple). Looking forward to the photo.

  12. Melvin and Malcolm are the lucky ones: having you as their mum!!!

  13. Sooo Cute!!!! They look like a good pair!!! They are very lucky!!!

  14. Melvin and Malcolm are beautiful, Melvin does look very much like one of my own cats, I'm sure they will settle into their new home very quickly.

  15. I love Melvin and Malcolm - so gorgeous! And the names are just great :-)
    We've got two sisters, one black (Macy) and one black and white (Milly) - they are both big saggy bagpuss cats.
    D x