Monday, 15 February 2010

trip to town

Yesterday T, S and I went into town to see what was going on in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebrations.
We parked on the very top floor of the car park, T's request, and once out of the car spotted this fairground ride towering above the shops.

Never, ever, ever would you get me in something like that. It certainly was a crowd stopper though. Lots of people stood and stared just as we did at those who had to sit so high up, waiting patiently at the top whilst others first got on and then off again at the end.

S chose something a little more sedate.

And T had a go on this to win his sister an inflatable pink hammer.

We wandered along the market stalls

and I bought a set of Chinese lanters which we hung up around the dining room later on in the afternoon as we prepared our Chinese meal. This didn't involve any food preparation as such. More along the lines of just opening of plastic containers!

Unfortunately we were too late into town to watch the traditional Lion and Dragon dance held in the Civic Centre car park but we did encounter them as they paraded through the town.

Back home we baked 4 heart shaped cakes which T and S then iced and decorated with grated white chocolate.

One of the market stalls was run by a lovely lady who had made all the jewellery she was selling.Lots of REALLY LOVELY things and it was all very reasonably priced. I could have bought most of the items she was selling. Anyway in the end all I bought was a necklace for a friend of mine as part of her birthday present. As we walked away T asked if he could borrow some money from me, about £5 should do it, as he had seen something he would like to buy for a friend and for his Dad.
Did he buy something for them?
No he didn't. He went back and bought me the 2 things I had said I really liked.
As a Valentine's gift.
Did I cry?
What do you think?

What a lucky mummy.


  1. Oh, that is so lovely, it's brought a real lump to my throat. Kids are just the best, aren't they? x

  2. Oh how sweet is he.
    What a lovely thought to buy you those beautiful gifts.
    Hope your Chineese was yummy, we had it for tea too.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  3. That is soooo sweet and shows you have brought them up to be thoughtful and caring.

    Bellaboo :)

  4. Sounds like you had a fantastic time!!! I'm with S for sedate rides - or even no rides!!! T is an absolute Angel to buy those for his lovely Mum!!!

  5. hi lisa
    that is the sweetest youngest left me a note pinned to the door cos she knew i was upset last night......that kind of thing is priceless isnt it..........

  6. Aww that is so cute. What a lovely boy you have there. Lovely necklaces too.

    How lovely that your town celebrates Chinese New year. And hope your own celbrations and food was just as yummy.


  7. Ah bless. I did wonder what he was going to buy for his daddy! You are a very lucky lady - but you don't need us to tell you that!!

  8. What a sweet and thoughtful present for a really good mummy. It made me feel happy for you!

  9. What a sweet and thoughtful present for a really good mummy. It made me feel happy for you!

  10. How lovely! What athoughtful thing to do. I love Chinese New Year, don't you? We had Chinese food too, courtesy of the lovely M&S!
    Love Kathy xxx

  11. That is so sweet - sometimes its helpful to have someone else making financial decisions for you! Hope you enjoyed your chinese and your heart cakes - a good combination of both celebrations!

  12. Lucky Mummy and well deserved indeed x

    glad you had fun at the fair.I would have been in the safe rude with S!

    Sarah x

  13. Hi Lisa

    Well done you for making up to the top floor of a car park!!

    Hope you are enjoying half term?

    I have the mother of all sore throats (great).

    One of my friends is the other disciple, who was at the meal where I got my crochet out!!

    I'm just waiting for rentakill to phone, I'll tell you about it another day!!

    Clare xx

  14. oh sooo lovely that CNY is celebrated!! I too am a bit chicken when it comes to rides!

  15. Aww that is so sweet, and what lovely gifts they are too. The dragon is a great photo X
    P.S We do still have a little covering of snow, but it has melted alot so the roads are all clear. Cant wait for some warmer weather

  16. What a great kid! These are the moments to focus on when our offspring are driving us batty, right?

  17. That boy is such a sweetheart! xxx

  18. Hello Lisa

    What a lovely thing to do, you must have been very touched. It's very pretty.

    Chinese New Year must have been a lot of fun.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x