Saturday, 20 February 2010

half term

A week condensed into a few lines with even fewer photos.
It's been so grey and gloomy at times trying to take photos has been pointless and on the couple of occasions the sun has shone I've not had my camera with me!
Monday we spent bodging about at home taking it easy although T had a more active afternoon as he went to the Common to take part in some conservation work with the Junior Neighbourhood warden team. Chopping down trees and generally getting stuck in and very muddy.
Tuesday I worked and G, T and S went to Salisbury. Unfortunately we all arrived back home far too late in the day to enjoy any of these

Wednesday we popped to see my sister to be updated on the house moving situation, it's been a very stressful week for her. Then in the afternoon T was busy yet again with the Warden team. This time they were helping to make raised vegetable beds for the retired residents living in sheltered housing. S was extremely pleased it happened to be near a playground so whilst T heaved around wood and soil S busied herself on the swings and climbing frame.

Thursday saw us pay a trip here.

Eastleigh museum is quite small but we visit during most school holidays as they put on some very good craft activities for the children. We normally have a wander around the plethora of charity shops in the town, have a picnic and the children have played for hours in the park and playground. But not this time. It was cold and tipping down with rain. So the children coloured and glued and I had a wander round the looking at the latest exhibiton which was another eason for our visit. On display were original works of art by Beatrix Potter, Quentin Blake and Mabel Lucie Attwell.
Thursday was an emotional day as Dad would have 70. A big round special birthday. Our second without him. We went to the church and took him flowers and had a little chat.

And on Thursday one of those happy co-incidences happen. Something to cheer me when I needed it so much. A parcel of sheer loveliness arrived from the very generous Lydia because I was the exceedingly lucky winner of her blog anniversary giveaway.
Just look at the cute cupcake wrapping paper. I left the parcel like this for ages just so I could drink in the prettiness of it all.

And here laid out in all there glory are the wondorous contents. Cupcake notecards with recipes on the back of them, a mini cookbook, post it notes, cake cases with Easter eggs on, CK tissues and bath powder, cupcake stickers, a cream hanging heart, L'Occtaine lip balm, chocolate, heart cookie cutters , pretty cleaning cloths, soap, a set of Easter masks to make and a truly gorgeous book journal for recording all the books I read. Thank you again Lydia from the bottom of my heart, it really made my day.

And so to Friday. We went to visit friends in the morning but due to a mix up we didn't actually get to meet up. After another hour's stint in another playground we went home and spent time cutting down overgrown greenery from our garden. Yes it was actually dry and sunny enough! Well until 2.25pm that is. I can be this precise as this was when we were due to get ready to wander round to our good friend G's as we were off to feed the ducks with her and her baby J.
It began to rain and then we it started to hail. Thankfully by 2.55pm it had stopped and we did go and feed the ducks although an hour later we got caught in another shorter burst of it on the way home.
Kind of summed up the week, mostly fair, just the occasional depression!
Right back at the start of the week before any of this happened I had a phone call from my lovely non-blog owning friend Sue. Hello Sue if you are reading, it was so nice to chat, thank you for calling me!


  1. Hi hyperactive mummy!!!
    What a generous parcel you've won!
    Love the picture of you and your dear Dad, such a lovely memory to look at xxxx

  2. Wow - you have had a busy week!!! Lovely photo of you and Dad!! Happy memories!!! What a gorgeous parcel!! So generous too!!!

  3. Sounds like a brilliant week! I need a half term ;0)

  4. Now that I have seen No Weight Gain Chocolate I can officially die happy. HA! Wait - first I need to consume some!! So happy for you that your parcel of wonders came at such a perfect time, when you most needed some comfort.

    (That's a wonderful old photo, by the way. And as it happens, my mother turns 70 this year...)

  5. I often wonder why we don't deal with death better than we do, as it is the only real certainty in life. I wonder if any culture deals well with it? and if so how? Your kids seem to have had a busy and enjoyable week. Lots of love. xxxx

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely week despite the weather,and what a wonderful surprise to receive all those goodies!Often when I've been spending time thinking of my Dad...who died a few years ago... something unexpected and nice happens to me.

    Bellaboo :o)

  7. What a busy week! Looks like you had fun!
    Great parcel!
    What a lovely photo of you lovely Dad!

  8. You seem to have had a fantastic week even though the weather did not play ball. It is really great how much you can pack into a few days!
    I am not sure whether you received my answering mail to the photo of the top you sent me, oooh, ages ago...
    I do love the top, and I think you are really thoughtful thinking of me, but unfortunately it is completely the wrong colour for me. I see your point about it being Bloomsburyish though, to me it looks that way too.
    thanks again, but unfortunately it is not for me.
    Have a great week!

  9. Busy week. I know you'll miss your dad so much. It's hard.