Saturday, 18 June 2011


I have always had a passion for collecting china and crockery and many years ago when I worked for Wedgwood I was able to indulge this by buying some really lovely pieces.
My biggest investment was 4 place settings, plus other oddments, in the cabbage leaf design named Countryware.
Unfortunately I have never really made use of it and have probably only used it all half a dozen times. It's been sat in the china cupboard for so many years and now with all the decorating and furniture changes being made in the dining room the time had come to make a decision.
Should I start to use it or sell it on.
After much debate I'm (hopefully) going to sell it.

It's so lovely it really should belong to someone who will use it, after all that's what it was made for.


  1. er hmm bonjour Lisa!

    Use it!!!!!!!!!!!

    Clare xx

  2. I agree with Clare, use it! Lesley x

  3. Oh yes Lisa,keep it! When we were first married I started collecting it and at birthdays/Christmas I would ask to be given another piece.I only use it on special occasions though. :0)

  4. Lisa,
    I think that if you don't use it you're just as well to get rid of it. Has your life been diminished thus far for rarely having used it? If not then you won't miss it and it might have been a good investment.

    K xx

  5. Shame you're going to sell it, it's gorgeus!

  6. Oh such a shame to sell it, can't you use it?

    Victoria xx

  7. Do you love it? If you truly still love it, then use it. ~If you don't, then it's better off elsewhere with you better off with the space and the money. Let us know what you do?

  8. I would say sell it, and buy something equally as lovely that you know you will use. x