Monday, 13 June 2011

Making me Smile

S and her travelling companion.

The stunning stained glass window in the church we went to on Saturday as they were holding their summer fete.

A poppy growing by the side of a busy main road into town.

A free muffin!

Mum bought this cross stitch kit over a year ago. I started it almost immediately and then stopped. An hours work on Saturday evening and it was complete. Why did I leave it so long?

A freshly used paint tray.

Yep the painting has started.

I began at 9.30 and painted until 2.30. My shoulders ache but it's work the effort so far.

Hope there's lots making you smile today too.


  1. How cute is that first photo! My daughter used to have a rag doll called Pinky (because it was pink) and she left it at a motorway service station .... utter devastation! They posted it back to us, but she never felt the same about it again!

  2. Your cross-stitching is beautifully done.

  3. Awww, I used to have a rag doll just like S's, I wonder what happened to her. A free muffin? That would make me smile. I love your cross stitch, so pretty.

  4. Awww your little girl looks so cute!

    Free muffins always a cause for smiling.

    Yayy the painting has started, its a good feeling when you know you are getting on with a project isn't it?

    Hope it all looks fab!

    MBB x

  5. She is a real cutie pie. Get you with your needlework! xxx

  6. I still have the cute cross stitch you sent me 2 years ago for Christmas!

  7. What beautiful cross stitch!

    Victoria xx

  8. I love the top picture - it is just so sweet!

    Pomona x

  9. Love the photo of your daughter and doll!
    Congrats on the painting! How satisfying to have got going!!!
    Well done for finishing the needlework - its lovely.
    Thanks for your comments!
    Gill xx
    Ps my WV is hydrama - has it been hi drama there this week??!!!

  10. I love the photo of S and her doll. S is adorable.

    Good luck with the painting. Looking forward to seeing the finished result. xx

  11. Oh that reminds me of the song ... here we go looby loo here we go looby ly ...

  12. Seeing the picture of S has made me smile, she looks adorable!

    Lou xxx