Friday, 3 June 2011

A Different Day Out

The plan hatched on Wednesday evening between me and G was that we would have a family day out on Thursday and we chose Poole as our destination.
Research was done on the internet regarding things to see and do once there and we decided that once we had arrived by train in Bournemouth we would then get the open top tour bus down to Poole. A perfect way to travel on such a sunny day.
Only we didn't manage to get on the bus. It drove past us. Us and the other 2 groups of people waiting at the bus stop. You can either get the bus from it's starting point at the pier or the next point on which is the town centre. We went to the town centre as it was a bit closer to walk to from the station. It was due to arrive at 11.00am. It came into view at 11.15 and just as swiftly disappeared!
We stood there agog for a second or two and then G gave the company a call. Apparently we were supposed to hail the bus as there are over 100 stops on this route. Reading the website the night before it never mentioned this and it also states there are 22 stops. Given that we were at a designated bus stop on what we were led to believe was a limited stop service we thought the bus would slow down in it's approach to see if there was anyone waiting at the very least!
The service runs hourly and the last bus back is 5pm so we didn't want to wait around for an hour and have an less in Poole, so Plan B was put into action. Luckily I had bought the children's swimmers and a towel with me so we hit the beach.

G didn't have his so he after a quick paddle he nipped up into town and bought a pair of swim shorts so he could go in an enjoy himself with T and S.

Thankfully we had a really lovely day in the end as you can see by a very smiley Miss S.

The children played in the sea for hours, we ate fish and chips and just enjoyed being on a family day out.

I am normally a bit of a wuss when it comes to fairground rides but I actually fancied this one, maybe next time!

Just had to snap this very stylish lady I noticed on our way back to the station.

What a fabulous dress!

As a footnote to the above, we spoke with the other people at the stop and they weren't aware of the 'we only stop to a hailing request' policy either.

Today I sent a very polite email of complaint to the company and they have replied with an equally polite email and said they will send us a complimetary family ticket to use so we shall get our trip one day, I hope!


  1. Glad you had a good day in the end - and a free ticket can't be bad!

    Pomona x

  2. Well it seems you had a great day anyway and you can do it again somewhere else now with that free ticket!

    I love those swing seat ride things! So simple but so much fun (or at least I think so!) - do go on it next time!

  3. That photo of S just sums it all up! It has got to be a favourite!

    Glad it was a lovely day, depite the change of plan!


  4. Good complaint! And the day looks good not withstanding. Enjoy your spare day out!

  5. Unplanned days out are usually the best, that bus driver probably did you a favour, I bet you wouldn't have had such a good time in Poole. The weather was perfect for the beach. Rather you than me on that fairground ride, I don't fancy that at all.

  6. How disappointing! Glad you managed to make the most of your time at the beach!

  7. Looks like you had a fantastic family day out Lisa, despite the bus disappointment - thats really shoddy. How hard would it be for the bus to stop anyway to see if anyone wanted it!
    Glad you didnt let ti spoli your day anyway.
    thanks for your comment on mine - hopefully maths revision back on track!
    Gill xx

  8. Sorry you had all that trouble with the begs the question...service?...what service?? Glad you had a great day out in spite of this.
    What a lovely happy picture of Miss S..she really is a poppet! :0)

  9. Poor you, I can imagine how you felt. It looks like you did a great day in the end and what a gorgeous Miss S with her rubber ring! that image takes me back, way way back lol..I did love my rubber ring and played for hours in the sea. Make sure you do get that day out though.

  10. Yeah !! A freebie!!! Poole is one of our favourite places - Sooooooooooooo interesting (remember to do a tour of the Sunseeker Yacht place and pick yourself a yacht!! and visit Jazzy Cafe for super snacks.xxxx)

  11. I am glad that all was well that ended well! But looking at that ride made my tummy go a bit woobly...

  12. Glad you managed to have lots of fun despite the bus debacle, Lisa. I come from Bournemouth originally and lived there for the first 25 years of my life, so your post brought back some happy memories for me - thank you x

  13. Good to know the bus company were apologetic and you can have another try sometime ! That headless lady does look stylish !

  14. Glad to hear things turned out well for you!

    It certainly sounds like the bus company need to let people know what to do much better,

    Victoria xx

  15. Now on this occasion it paid to complain. Two fun jollies for the price of one. Can't be bad! x