Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Lemon Confection

There was no way I could leave this night time twinset on the £1.00 rail in the charity shop.

It's in absolutely pristine condition.
I don't think it could ever have been worn.
The label shows it came from Freemans.
It reminds me of something some pretty blonde actress would have worn in a 70's sitcom when opening the door to the milkman, G says it reminds him of something one of the leggy ladies from a Benny Hill 'chase' sketch would have been wearing.
Either way it a frothy creation of man made material I couldn't resist buying.
And before you start wondering (if you haven't already) I won't be wearing it, it's in S's dressing up box. Perfect princess clothing.


  1. I definitely remember Cybil wearing something very similar in Fawlty Towers! Fab dressing up find!
    Sally x

  2. But in my head I see you being chased by G to the theme tune from Benny Hill!! And I can't stop smiling!!! Love it!! PS He was on last night, did you see him? He got mentioned by name as they chased a stolen car (where the driver cried in the back seat!!) and as they were eating bacon butties, and as the chinese bloke took his kids for a ride on the bike. xx

  3. That is gorgeous! As an ex-Costume Curator tho', I would keep it safe. That's costume history after all.

    As indeed are the clothes we get to wear today will be in 30 years time.

    That would be one saucy princess in that!! I also remember Sybil wearing something similar in Fawlty Towers!!

  4. Don't you think you would look rather fetching in lemon? It's a shame to banish such a frothy delight to the dressing up box!

  5. What a fab find! Your day out in Swanage sounds lovely as well - must try and get there next time I'm in Dorset. x

  6. You're such a thoughtful mummy! Can't wait to see the little miss wearing her fancy outfit!

  7. It's gorgeous...I'd quite like to wear it myself...or is that a bit weird?! :0)

  8. Oh I have chortled at thispost - fabby mummy for buying it for S, but how much fun could you have windng G up by wearing it yourself???


  9. S is such a well dressed little girl with all the gorgeous outfits you buy her, even her dressing up box is well filled.

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