Monday, 10 December 2012


Each week either before or after her swimming lesson S and I pop to Sainsbury's to do a top up grocery shop. On one of these trips a month or so ago I asked S to choose a tin or packet of food which we would then add to on a weekly basis and take as a donation to the City's food bank in time for Christmas.
I thought this was a simple idea (and relatively affordable way) to bring to the children's attention about how important it is to give to others at this time of year.
Then we had the idea of asking all our family and friends who were coming to our Christmas get together yesterday if they would mind bringing a small donation with them. They were all more than happy to and today I packed up my shopping trolley with 25 assorted tins, pasta and rice, cereal, tea bags and coffee.

In town I met up with my friend I and we spent a leisurely hour pootling around the art gallery looking at the two current exhibitions before heading off for a hot drink and cake.

If you want to give someone a kiss for Christmas then look no further than the official kissing point set up by one of the flower seller's.

I wonder how many smooches this mistletoe has seen so far?!

We are all hoping Father Christmas will be very generous with his gift giving in our house, do you think I should leave him some of this cheese instead of a mince pie on Christmas eve to try and curry favour?

The postman had a parcel to give me today. All the way from the USA and inside with a gift for each of us was a card with the cutest little trio of birds on the front of the envelope. Don't worry Sue I've safely tucked away the gifts and the card from the smallest people in the house!


  1. Well done you for thinking of others and collecting all that food. Love the cheese, and the kissing point!
    I used to string fairy lights up around my mantlepiece in my last house, but here I have one of those wall mounted fires that looks like a flat screen tv. I can't wait to get it removed and replaced with something more traditional.

  2. That is such a nice idea - it's definitely something I need to do with my friends.

  3. I'm sure Santa will be as generous as you are x
    One year all the Grandparents had cards to say their present was a donation to Send a Cow Charity ... they loved it !

  4. What a great idea to collect a food item each week, it makes it an affordable way to give to those less fortunate, I think I may do this myself next year. If Santa's anything like me, he'll prefer cheese to mince pies. I don't eat any of the traditional foods, mince pies, Christmas cake or Christmas pudding.

  5. What a lovely idea for the food parcel Lisa. My local church works closely with a homeless charity, so when I go to Zumba at the church hall, I drop off a couple of tins etc and always take our old winter coats and quilts. I cannot imagine not having a safe home for us all to come to. xxxxx

  6. I just happened upon your blog and I'm so glad I did... It is always a good idea to give to food pantry's, I told my children we should volunteer in a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen over the holidays, that way my children know that there are so many people that need our help.. and life is more than just opening up all the gifts!

  7. You are a kind soul Lisa. I am sure the food bank were really happy to receive your donation. x

  8. I really like your way of building up a box for the food bank over time and, like you say, it's a good way to teach children about giving and to open their eyes to the world.

    Gillian x