Monday, 3 December 2012

The 12 Days of Christmas present

Today I want to share the present idea I have come up with this year for our friends R and S. They are (loosely) based around the 12 Days of Christmas carol.

1. A partridge in a pear tree. 
Well it just had to be a copy of I, Partridge for R and for the pear tree side of things there is a bottle of pink pear cider for S.
2. Turtle doves.
This one is for S, a bottle of Dove body lotion, quite an easy option.
3. Calling birds.
From doing some research into this song I found out that the song once contained the words 'colly birds' which means 'blackbird' and as R is a very keen cook we thought it would be fitting to buy him a blackbird pie funnel.
4. French Hens.
This one was a bit tricky to be honest. That is until I was wandering around TK Maxx looking for a birthday present when I spotted this mug with a Nice biscuit on it. Now this is a bit of a stretch, but if you read French hen as French 'en, then Nice fits as it's a French place beginning with 'N'! Hopefully S will enjoy a cuppa out of the mug at least.

5. Gold rings.
A small pack of golden wrapped Ferrero Rocher chocolates for R. Which just happens to contain 5 of them.
6. Geese a laying.
I was originally thinking maybe a Ryan Gosling film on DVD, gosling being a baby goose, but we went for a jar of goose fat for R given his culinary interests.
7. Swans a swimming. 
A female swan is called a pen so we bought S a pen and notebook, she is a list person. It was either that or a box of Swan Vesta matches!
8. Maids a milking.
Another present for S, a handbag size packet of tissues for her decorated with cows.
9. Ladies dancing.
Some alcohol for R here. We were thinking maybe a jar of spicy salsa, or a can of Tango, but in the end we chose a bottle of Pineapple Twist, rum with pineapple juice.
10. Lords a leaping.
R really likes cricket so something to do with Lord's cricket ground was one option, but as R already had a book we also got one for S. A book about Lord Lucan's disappearance. One Lord who leapt away from the law!
11. Piper's piping.
My initial thought on this was buying R a liquorice pipe, but this proved very tricky. Last Christmas S was very taken on Christmas eve with the gingerbread house we had decorated so along similar lines we have bought a decorate your own shortbread Christmas tree kit which contains a small tube of icing which you pipe on. Get it?!
12. Drummer's drumming.
Finally a bottle of shower gel for R. Very weirdly this fragrance is named 'Drums', weird but fortuitous for us.

Well done if you read to the end of all that.

I've wrapped it all today and now I just need to make up some numbered tags so presents are opened in order.
I really hope they like their little collection of oddities.


  1. You have SUCH imagination! Thats fab! Can I just have Ryan Gosling? OOO young man! xxxxx

  2. That is a brilliant pressie, I love ideas like this and would be so happy to receive such a well thought out and quirky gift - well done you! x

  3. Gosh you do have some great ideas! This one must have been a challenge so well done! I hope R&S like it!

  4. That's brilliant - such a clever idea. I completely love it!

  5. What a great idea, you do come up with some brilliant presents.

  6. Such a creative idea for Christmas..I am sure they will be really pleased with all the pressies :)
    Have a lovely week!

  7. That's such a brilliant idea, Lisa. Your descriptions made me laugh out loud as well! xx

  8. Wow that must've taken some serious thought! Great idea though.

  9. Brilliant, so much thought ,love it xxxx

  10. What a brilliant idea & such fun to put together...and receive ! You have wonderful ideas.

    ( We drove past the sign post to Manor Farm on the way back from my mum's yesterday - will take her there next year ! )

  11. You always put a lot of thought into your gifts!

  12. What an amazingly well thought out collection of gifts!Lucky them, they will be thrilled!
    You should set up in business as a present seeker Lisa,you'd be fantastic at it!
    Pink Pear Cider? OOOhhhh yes please!
    Gill xx