Sunday, 9 December 2012

Party Time!!!!

Today we had a little get together for family and friends.
We did a similar thing last year and as it was such good fun we decided we would do it all again this year.
Unfortunately I don't have very many photos to share, it's difficult rounding up 'volunteers' for the games, explaining the rules and then being on hand with the camera too.

I had a couple of quizzes set up in the front room. Guess the name of the Christmas song from an alternative title description such as 'Caribou with vermillion olfactory appendage', which of course is immediately recognisable as Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer.
The second quiz was made using an old RSPB calendar. I cut out the birds, stuck them onto a piece of paper. All our guests had to do was name them. To help I also listed which birds they were, they just had to pair the correct name with the correct bird.

As it was dry today I was able to go with Plan A which was to do a couple of games outside first before we did the indoor ones.
After everyone had divided themselves into two teams the first game was a Rudolph relay.
A smudge of Vaseline was needed to stick on a red paper nose and then holding a toy reindeer they had to prance their way up the course and back again. The reindeer was then handed to the next team member who stuck on a nose and away they went until all team members had had a go. Some were very graceful pranceers, one even did it 'gangnam' style!
Although I couldn't take part I did demonstrate what needed to be done and was told I had to wear a nose too, that's the reason for the slightly crazy reindeer lady look.

Once indoors and warmed up we got going with the Snowman wrap game. One toilet roll per team of two. Very simple game. Wrap your team member in a whole roll of toilet paper so they look like a snowman and add a crepe paper scarf.

I love what my cousin did to his little sister!

The snowman wrap was great fun but the one which caused the most laughter was the game which involoved blowing up balloons, stuffing them down a pair of tights (these were brand new!) and then putting on one team member's head to look like reindeer antlers.

Here my cousin decided his little sister needed to wear the tights pulled down a bit further, talk about being squashed in!

The afternoon was rounded off with a bit of a sing song. Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow and Buon Natale (I like a bit of Dean Martin and Nat King Cole at Christmas). 
I hope everyone left full of the festive spirit!


  1. Best photo of you EVER. xoxo

  2. ha ha ha, oh what fun!

    You do have some BRILLIANT ideas Lisa, Christmas is so much fun in your house!

  3. Sounds like such a fun party...fab games! It looks like everyone had a great time :)

  4. What a great party. You are a great spot Lisa xxxx

  5. Looks so much fun. I wanna come next year!

  6. Great pics, Lisa, especially the one with you and the red nose. I like the balloons too. Xx

  7. What a fab party with some brilliant games. It looks like everyone had loads of fun.

  8. Sounds like fab fun party - and I love the pictures!