Sunday, 2 December 2012

A Christmas shopping trip to New Milton was planned for Saturday. Ages ago I had stumbled across information for their Christmas festival and we thought it would make a good family day what with the fairground rides, a French market, craft stalls and a Christmas parade. But you know what happens when you make plans, they get changed.
I still went to New Milton and had a fab day out, but it was with my mum because G stayed home, not feeling 100% himself and looking after a poorly S and T.

Mum and I watched the short Christmas parade (the dogs were our favourite)

and then meandered our way along the high street, checking out the stalls in between checking out the charity shops. One of them came up trumps for me. I now have a lovely new Irish tweed pure new wool coat, purchased for just £5.00 and it looks like it has hardly ever been worn.

So pleased was I with it I couldn't wait to wear it out today when we went to Manor Farm. When G saw me in it he first said it would look good on a scarecrow and then said I looked like I had gone out dressed as someone's nan. But it is so warm, it was like wearing a duvet.

The geese and chickens were pleased to see us at the farm as we had a bag of seed with us which we shared out between them as fairly as we could.

There were new born lambs in one of the barns and new born piglets in the sty which were an unexpected highlight

but the main reason for our visit was this

Father Christmas was popping into the farmhouse this afternoon and S took along her (and T's, yes I asked T to write one although he wasn't impressed!) letter. 

S has asked Father Christmas to put in her stocking a bubble gum dispenser and a Minnie Mouse cup, T has asked for chocolate and a keyring to add to his collection.

It was so hot and busy in the farmhouse I waited outside whilst G stayed with S and took a couple of photos. Father Christmas gave S a bell, asked her to close her eyes and make a wish as she rang it. She was then able to pick out a chocolate from a tin the elf helper was holding.

Here's hoping he can deliver their wishes on Christmas eve!


  1. That coat was a great bargain! I like it, ignore G!

    Hope everyone is feeling better now. It sounds like you had a nice weekend despite the change of plans.

    I can't believe I didn't realise that all but one of the books I read in November had local connections... I only realised after I read your comment and then thought about it a bit... duh!

  2. Hope that they are all feeling much better. That looks a fab day out - I love that you are so giddy for Christmas. xxxxx

  3. Hey rosebud, sounds like you've been as busy as me, just got back from Winchester. We really need to catch up, I've been rubbish this year xxx

  4. Sorry to hear that S, T and G have been under the weather, there's so many bugs flying around at the moment, but hopefully, this cold weather will kill them off. G's comments about the coat made me chuckle, but you stick to your guns, it's important to be warm in this weather. Love the pictures of the little lambs and piggies, they always tug at my heartstrings. Hope T and S's wishes come true.

  5. I love your new coat! Those piglets are so sweet.

  6. Your new Coat is an utter delight! Manor Farm sounds good. Hope S & T feel better soon.

  7. Super coat, I can attest to the fact that you will never feel cold in a pure wool coat.

  8. I didn't get to New Milton tho heard it was on & the Army Wives singing ! Still haven't been to Manor farm.
    Your weekend looked lovely - must have been a highlight to see the lamb & piglets !