Friday, 30 November 2012

I hereby give you.....

fair warning that from today this little old blog of mine will contain the word Christmas on a daily basis and that there will be many photos along this theme too.That is as long as the internet connection behaves itself a bit more than it's been doing so far this week.

To kick off the festivities I thought I would show you the man in the red suit whose impending visit we are all getting just a tad excited about.
I bought this t-shirt in Primark during the week and I intend on wearing it as much as I possibly can over the coming weeks.

Santa Claus is coming to town..................


  1. You're bonkers (in the nicest possible sense)! I'm focusing on your lovely looking dresser & crockery behind the t-shirt. Bah humbug! xx

  2. Can't wait to read all your Christmassy posts. I think we can all safely mention the C word now that December's just about here.

  3. Great t-shirt. I saw the Christmas Coca-cola ad for the first time this week (with the big lorry) and said Yay to myself.

  4. I absolutely adore the T-Shirt. My posts have been about Christmas for an absolute age - there's nothing wrong with Christmas in September! Tee Hee! Looking forward to your seasonal posts!

  5. Jess always loves the first sighting of the Christmas Coca cola ad !
    Yes I am feeling more festive myself. Have just had a glass of mulled wine !

  6. Love the T-shirt! I still don't feel Christmassy. Maybe reading a few of your posts will help to get me there!