Thursday, 1 November 2012

Batty for Biscuits

After our Hallowe'en trail on Monday and then our Murder Mystery trail on Tuesday Hallowe'en itself on Wednesday sort of passed us by.

I had to work yesterday and so I wasn't at home to do anything to get us in the spooky mood! 

T had had a couple of friends over for an impromptu sleepover on Tuesday night and he spent most of yesterday in a sleep deprived zombie daze so he was on theme at least!

In the end the wind and rain put paid to any plans anyway. I had pinned decorating ideas for outside on Pinterest but these didn't get done as it didn't seem worth the effort to have it all get soaked and sodden.
And although we did had a few brave souls most of them were pretty wet through with rain streaked makeup!  
S was disappointed not to have gone out but I think she was happy in the end as I split the left over sweets between T and S so they had a little haul of their own.

Today has been a quiet indoor day. It did seem a shame to be indoors on such a bright day but we have a few busy days coming up so a slouchy day seemed the way to go.

To make up for the lack of Hallowe'en-ness yesterday S and I got baking and made some biscuits in the shape of cats, pumpkins and bats.

With a bit of leftover biscuit dough I played with my new biscuit cutter.

I first saw these, quite a while ago now, on Vanessa's blog  and eventually got round to ordering a set last week.

Just how cute are they? Angel wing on your cup anyone?


  1. We only had a very few trick or treaters. Mainly very tiny little girlies with a big dad holding the brolly. Loads of chocolate left for us though! xxx

  2. We didn't have half as many as we usually do, the weather really has been dreadful. Glad you all enjoyed the beginning of the week though, sounds great fun! Marina xx

  3. Halloween was a washout wasn't it ? We only had three small groups of callers so yesterday I gave the family down the road with three boys the left over sweeties as Joe was steadily working his way through them !

    Lovely cookies !

  4. I was at work on Weds evening so I don't know whether anyone came calling. At least I didn't have to buy any goodies.

  5. Some really cute biscuits you have made! Love the shaapes the fairy wing ones look really lovely.

    It was rather rainy here too most of the week with burst of sunshine! We did have a whole bunch at one time queing up for some sweeties. But after that we locked the door and didnt answer. That last drumstick lolly was mine! lol.

    P x

  6. We didn't get one trick or treater this year, I don't know if it's because our two are older now so we don't have their friends knocking anymore. Love the cookies.

  7. Biscuit making sounds fun - and I love the angel wing! x

  8. We had loads of trick n treaters here which in our village is very unusual,it wzs also very wet n cold.Luckily I had got chocs for the kiddies so they were happy lol.Love your biscuits what recipe did you use may I ask.Love the cutters so pretty.Hugs xx

  9. I've never been trick or treating and never had a caller either! There were only a handful of houses where I grew up and now we're on the edge of town so I guess people stick to the streets. Hallowe'en is not something I've ever celebrated but I think it could be fun if I wasn't so lazy, haha!

    The cup-cookie thing is a fun idea! I saw them somewhere in a different shape but can't remember what now.