Sunday, 25 November 2012

Crafty Cards

An indoor day today meant S spent some time this afternoon on a spot of Christmas card making. She was busy with the paper, glue and sequins and I was busy reading the December edition of the Sainsbury's magazine.
Amongst the recipes which made my mouth water is the brown sugar brandy butter (although I'm not sure I even like brandy butter, but this does look so inviting) and a simple cinnamon cake which I hope to give a go soon as it sounds like perfect accompaniment to hot chocolate.

I enjoyed reading the column 'My Life' written by Fiona Gibson as it really struck a chord with me.
She has written about her views on how see feels towards buying Christmas presents for (and receiving them from) her husband. 

.....while this might sound horribly needy, there's nothing like having something chosen for me that makes me feel loved. If the search for said gift has involved many hours web surfing, plus several arduous journeys to town, then so much the better.......... Who would go to all that trouble for someone they regarded with indifference? ..........A hand-drawn picture in a charity shop frame is worth far more than all of the dismal boxes of chocolates in the newsagents............
This is our big chance to choose something delightful for the one we love the most.

I love Christmas.
I love everything about it.
I really, really love thinking up gift ideas for my family and friends.
I want to put some effort into it because if I care enough to want to give someone a gift then I want it to show I care.


  1. Those cards are wonderful. I'd much prefer to receive one of those than something mass produced by a machine. Well done S. I agree with you about Christmas, I always put a lot of thought in to the presents I buy or make for people, and I'm really lucky that I receive some wonderful gifts from Mick. I often wonder how he knows I'll like something, but I suppose he knows me so well.

  2. I spend a lot of time trying to find perfect gifts for people too. Those cards are great and your shelves behind look lovely. Oh but hold the cinnamon - yuk.

  3. The cards look lovely! what a great way to spend a weekend.

    I have to say I love it when I find something that I know a loved one will love. There is nothing like giving a gift that will mean something. Sometimes though its good to get pointers and I do ask those closest for any ideas. And I do point the other half in the right direction too, though he does sometimes surprise me! lol.

    P x

  4. I'm really with you on this one Lisa, I try so hard to get just the right thing! We've been married a long time but there still must be a suprise present under the tree for each of us!

  5. It is very rewarding finding the right gift for someone. I found a delicate china snowdrop in the charity shop for my mum's last birthday as she loves snowdrops.

    Lovely Christmas cards !

  6. I couldn't agree more. My favourite Xmas present ever was a pair of vintage rag dolls the OH bought me - the couple looked so like my grandparents it was quite spooky. I loved them when I received them. It was only a few years later that the OH regaled the story of the effort he had gone to get me a present - he'd been to Brighton and trawled the shops and then gone to London and traipsed various antique / vintagey shops before finding them. I was overwhelmed by his effort. I will have to get KP to start on her cards - she too creates her own for family but school friends end up with the mass produced. Well done S. for getting so organized and starting early!

  7. I love the cards! So pretty!

  8. Lovely cards - really quirky and pretty. Am very much on the fence about Christmas myself. Too much commercial pressure from all areas of the media for my liking, and not enough focus on spending time with loved ones and family, which is what it's surely all about. xx