Monday, 19 November 2012


This post is a little selection of things S has been up to over the past couple of weeks.

First day after half term was an inset day for S and as it was such a sunny one we wandered over the local park.  The reason for choosing this park is because of the zip wire which S had to herself for part of the time we were there.

Gingerbread men have been baked, there were plans to ice and decorate them but they were eaten before we got to that stage!

On our walk to school one morning we liked the way these leaves were silhouetted against a neighbour's the metal fence

Yesterday the two of us went to another park and took a sneaky box of Maltesers with us! S saw a couple of school friends and played happily for half an hour whilst I read a magazine. Happy half hour for us both.

Back home again we baked some mincemeat cakes from a recipe in the latest Co-operative free magazine. All were eaten with custard after our tea.

A new certificate for the wall, S has achieved her 10 metre swimming badge.


  1. Thanks for that snippet of Ss life, and some yummy snacks, I'm not surprised the gingerbread men didnt get iced!
    Where's the picture of you on the zip wire, now thats one I'd like to see!

  2. Well done to S and her acheivement.

    Sounds like you the two of youhave been having loads of fun together.

    P x

  3. Many congrats to S on the swimming. KP hated the teacher and so dreaded her school lesson. Now that she's at the big school she's delighted that she doesn' have to "see that woman anymore!"

  4. Oooh! Those Mincemeat cakes sounds amazing! Sounds like a couple of great weeks.

  5. Oh yes, I like a good zipwire too! Well done to S on the 10 metres acheivement. xx

  6. Well done to S, another proud mummy moment. There'll be no stopping her now. My two always preferred the park with the zip wire, they're such fun.

  7. There's something even more homely about a naked gingerbread man!!

    Sue xx

  8. You mean you even ate some of the plate??!! How long are her legs getting!!!!! Lots of Love xxxxxx

  9. Lovely time in the park together & baking then eating the G'bread men early - sounds good to me !

  10. I love the plate the gingerbread man is on - have fun decorating!

  11. Congratulations to S for her swimming badge! And I love the photo of her on the zip wire ... freedom !