Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Beauty of Recycling

I've just got back from a craft fair held at the church hall round the corner.
These can be a bit of a hit and miss affair.
Sadly this was more of the miss variety, except for one stall holder which stood out from the rest.
She was a volunteer selling recycled handmade items on behalf of the Philippine Community Fund and was so friendly and chatty and incredibly enthusiastic about the work they do towards helping improve the quality of life for women and children.
I bought this necklace, it's made from old magazines, I was drawn to it's abstract poppy ness.
They currently have a sale on various items, my necklace was only £2.50.
Why not have a browse at the site, you never know you may find just the right thing for someone on your list and you'll be helping a really worth while cause too.


  1. That is so very you Lisa - Love it xxxx

  2. Thats really pretty, and a bargain price!

  3. A bargain and all for a good cause too!