Monday, 5 November 2012

Family Trip

We've been away for a couple of days. A little stay in Norwich to see T's birth family.
We took the train to London on Friday morning then hopped in this fab cab to get us across town to Liverpool Street station.

That evening we met up with some of T's birth family for food and a good catch up. He was really chuffed his youngest sister was able to make it too as she has recently had a baby. Here the two of them are with his two week old niece.

When we go to Norwich time isn't really our own as we always have to be mindful of who we are meeting and when and where. Not that I am complaining as when you have just a free hour or so, like we did on Saturday morning, which more attractive City could you wish to spend it in?

Not every city centre can boast a castle

and some of the details on the shops can't help but catch your eye, like this stained glass

or this beautiful art nouveau face on the Lloyds Bank building,

or the building which houses Pret a Manger

and don't miss the tiniest of heart shaped details either.

We do like to take a wander down around the Lanes, we have decided we really should find out more about the history of the City seeing as both our children were born here.  

It was here that in one of the shop windows I spied the most fabulous pair of red shoes

and had time been our own then a trip here would have been a certainty.

Before wending our way back to get ready for our next family meet up we stood for a few short minutes outside Jarrolds (how twinkly this store must look with it's hundreds of fairy lights when it gets dark)

and listened to this group of buskers doing a great rendition of Up Town Top-Ranking. I could have listened to them all day.


  1. We were supposed to be in Norwich on Sat but plans sadly got changed :(

    Those buskers are fab - we stood and watched them for ages last time we were there :)

    You're right - it is a great city and one of our favourite places to visit - planning on dragging MrVV there Christmas shopping later this month!

  2. It looks like a very interesting time to explore and how lovely for T to meet up with family and see his new niece.

  3. So glad you enjoyed our "fine city"! It's nice to see it through someone else's eyes, you don't appreciate it when you're there all the time. We do have some lovely buildings, the cathedral is really special. x

  4. I've never been to Norwich although my friend went to Uni there and did invite me a few times but life always got in the way. Love those red shoes too - reminds me of that David Bowie song Let's Dance - Put on your red shoes and dance the blues. Hope T had a memorable trip.

  5. How lovely for T to meet up with more of his family. His little niece is really cute!

    Norwich looks a really lovely place so many lovely details you picked upon Lisa.

    Ooo those shoes are a bit lush aren't they. I could see me wearing a pair of those.

    P x

  6. I never realised your children were both from Norwich Lisa. I can't believe you were only a stone's throw from me on Saturday. Yes Norwich has some lovely buildings and isn't Biddys lovely?
    Were those shoes in Imelda's by any chance? I'm in lust with some boots in there.

  7. Next time book yourselves an extra day. It looks as if you had a good time - I was thinking about you all. xxxxxxx

  8. Love that song! Love that orange cab! Happy for T too! Hope you are Ok, quite a lot to take on board I expect...
    Love Sarah -x-

  9. thanks for lovely comment lisa....norwich is one of my favourite places...we almost moved there many years ago but its still close enough for a day lovely for T to see the new baby. x

  10. Well what a funny old thing. Might have even been listening to the He Haw's at the same time. Glad you like the place, I couldn't wait to leave as a teen, but coming back in my 30's I see it for the beautiful city it is.

    I lust over shoes in Imelda's constantly and then if I go in my big feet never fit in them which saves me a penny or two. Those red ones are gorgeous.


  11. I stayed for 3 weeks in pretty Norwich ..and all I can remember the castle is just the castle..shame on me :)

  12. It looks like you had a wonderful couple of days away. How lovely for T to meet his new niece for the first time, that sounds really grown up, Uncle T. There's obviously lots to see and do in Norwich, it's somewhere I've never been.

  13. I have never been to Norwich (yet), if/when I do I will have to pay Biddy's Tea room a visit for the look of it!
    Those red shoes are fab x

  14. What a lovely city & family meet up too.

  15. I had no idea it was such a lovely city - must put it on my 'to visit' list, I think! x

  16. Hi lisa...thank you for the lovely welcome back comment/.....xxxxx

  17. A lovely trip. I've got that song in my head is all I bring, in me khaki suit and ting!x (I think that's the words anyway!!!)