Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Looking for Clues

Today we took the train to Fareham.

As today was supposed to be the best weather wise I wanted us, if possible,  to spend the time outdoors but also spend it somewhere where there would be a good selection of shops as we are off to see T's birth siblings at the end of the week and several belated birthday presents are needed.

In the end I bought the Murder Mystery from Treasure Trails which I thought would keep us amused and which we could dip in and out of as we did the gift buying.

The trail started by the library and then took us past some trees which had lost lots of their leaves and which were just begging to be kicked around.

Our first shopping stop provided plenty of good finds and T also talked me into wearing this police cap for a laugh.

Then it was round to the pedestrian precinct for further clue hunting, it was here where the first dip in enthusiasm happened as it would appear that the information to a couple of clues wasn't quite up to date which made things a bit tricky. I must go over the info again and see if we perhaps missed something. 

From here we went into the old High Street which is a much more attractive part of the town with it's rows of Georgian buildings, some of which are solicitors offices, some were shops

and a few still appear to be lived in

and this one is the birth place of John Goss, who I must admit I had never heard of before, but it meant that I had learned something new today.

Our next stop was the church. This is where T and S had enough! We searched and searched for the answer to a clue which we just couldn't find and as the sun decided it was time to make it's disappearance it got a bit too nippy.

Luckily there were only a couple of clues left to do and around the corner was   the shopping centre which meant we were near the finish point.
Once inside we quickly found the last couple of presents we needed, met G from work and then we all came home together.

There was lots more to photograph but seeing as my hands were full with the trail and the shopping I only managed a few pictures today.

To end are a couple of random shots, though admittedly not as random as the earlier one of me!

An attractive gate on the Old Vicarage.

Berries in the churchyard

A miniature bath, looking at the size of the slippers behind you can see how dinky it is.


  1. Lovely picture of your two kicking through the leaves - perfect autumn shot :)

    Today has been pretty good weatherwise - we cycled over to see my Grandma - yet again she was amazed at how much the boys have grown.

  2. Looks like a fun day out was had by all. Weather has been OK here today, but the rest of the week is due to be a washout, quite glad that Will is back at school this week. x

  3. I think you actually look quite jaunty in your police cap - better go back and purchase it! And I love the vicarage gate. Are those poinsettias?


  4. It sounds like a great idea, but a shame if it isn't up to date. You look very fetching in your cap.

  5. Shame that all the clues weren't up to date. Hope all goes well with the meet up x