Monday, 1 October 2012

What I've Been Doing This Weekend

On Saturday I went to the Tudor House museum. They had a jam packed weekend full of Tudor Revels and although there was lots I would have liked to have gone to the one talk I was really interested in was 'The Queen in Context: Anne Undressed' by Lyze Lynch.
Lyze talked us through the various layers of her outfit. This is the style of travelling gown Anne Boleyn would have been wearing when she visited Southampton during her marriage to Henry VIII.
She started with the coif, a close fitting cap to cover the hair, then the type of hood, this style is called a French hood. 

The black gown is held in place with pins at the front and once removed you can see the kirtle. The kirtle is the part which would be more luxuriously decorated. Fabric was expensive and the Tudors made use of every scrap. Any pieces would be kept to patch up the kirtle as needed and cut offs would be used to make the matching sleeve inserts with would be tied on with ribbons beneath the sleeves of the gown.

Lyze is now wearing her linen smock and over the top of this is her petticoat. Apparently historians aren't sure why red was used but the general theory is that red is seen as the colour of health. 
The talk lasted nearly an hour and was fascinating, I learnt lots.

Whilst waiting for the talk to begin I had a quick wonder around the museum, but I have been here fairly recently and it was getting busy with other visitors so I spent the little time I had looking at the small exhibition, Cherish by Susan Cutts.
Taken from the literature provided...
'Maiden's garlands have a long Hampshire tradition. When a young woman (or sometimes a young man) died before their wedding day, local women would make a paper rown to be carried in front of their coffin. After the funeral, the crowns were placed in churches and were often accompanied by handkerchiefs, rosettes, gloves and fans bearing the names of the deceased.'
The works in Cherish are inspired from the history, occupants and artefacts of Tudor House and represented in paper sculptures of hats, gloves, fans and dress sculptures.

I had an extra trip to make on Saturday. 
The opticians, to collect my first pair of glasses.
I need them when using the computer.
I have taken a huge amount of photos trying to get something halfway acceptable, no giggling please!

I tried a new recipe. I made Pizza style whirl buns which was in Asda's free magazine, August edition. They were suggested as a picnic treat. I made them to have as rolls for our vegetarian hot dog. They were tasty but probably better as a picnic treat or maybe with soup.

 On Sunday morning the four of us went out for a short walk, within minutes T and S were running ahead of us, enjoying being out which was a joy to see. 
G has been off work again due to more back pain. He has been resting all week. We were only out for a while but it would appear the fresh air and exercise wasn't so beneficial to him as he was hoping to return to work today and now has pain in his foot. Not great.

Although it looks cloudy and quite stark in this picture it was mild enough to be comfortable to be out in just a thick cardi, no coat needed as yet.

Just had to snap S next to this tree seeing as someone had painted her initials on it!

Not much to catch our eye today except for this one wild rose clinging onto life whilst the rest of this shrub was smothered in hips and the smiley face on this tree which made us smile too.

Back home to enjoy tea and tea loaf which I made using this recipe.


  1. You look great with your new specs!
    Sorry to hear about G's back, i hope he gets better soon.
    Have a lovely week x

  2. Sounds like you had an interesting time at the weekend with your talk. I couldnt imgaine wearing all that at once! lol. The school run would never happen.

    Hope G gets better soon it's a real misery back pain and problems my other half has had his share of them in the past so know how tiresome it can be.

    Ooo you tea loaf looks lovely, enjoy.

    P x

  3. Back pain is so awful hope G is pain free soon. The talk & demonstration sounds wonderful.

    I always smile when I think of red petticoats remembering how they use them to make warning flags for the landslide in the Railway Children.

  4. That sounds like an interesting talk - of course, all those layers were required - imagine living with no central heating! Like the photo of S near the tree with her initials on it! I really should go and have my eyes tested - not been for 20 odd years!
    Have a good week.

  5. The Tudor museum sounds interesting. I remember Daniel and Eleanor going on a Tudor day when they were at primary school. They took them to a nearby Tudor hall, they had to go in Tudor costume and they spent the day learning about things such as cooking in Tudor times, what they ate, the dress etc. Sorry to hear that G is suffering again, hope he feels better soon. Your glasses really suit you. Love the whirl buns, they look really tasty.

  6. How interesting! What a beautiful gown that was, but oh dear, all those underclothes, one would definitely need help getting dressed.

  7. Sounds like a lovely weekend, except for G's back trouble again. Hope things improve for him soon.

  8. The talk sounded really interesting..I would have really enjoyed it as well.
    The glasses really suit look great in them :)
    That tea loaf sure looks yummy..just packed with fruit!
    Magie x

  9. Loving your new glasses. Sounds like a lovely weekend.

  10. Poor G and his back. My G suffers too. Loving the sexy librarian look!!! Love everything you did at the weekend - thats the way to spend it. xxxx

  11. Good choice with the new glasses! It is really hard to photograph them.
    That talk sounds fascinating, thanks for sharing it with us.
    Love S's outfit.

  12. A great post Lisa. Fascinating about the clothes. I would have hated to wear all those layers! You look good in your new glasses and now you can see! Sorry to hear about G's back problems again, it must be so debilitating for him. Lovely recipes and the pizza rolls especially look so tasty.

  13. I make this tea bread, it's so yummy..but there are raisins Lisa??