Monday, 8 October 2012

The Park and a Party

It's been a busy weekend, good fun, but busy and today I have the start of a cold. Stuffy head, runny nose, gritty eyes, sore throat, all the signs are there.
But I need to blog about the weekend, so it's a quick post and then I'll have to leave catching up with you all until another day.

Saturday G, S and I went to the local park for the annual Nature's Harvest event. We called for S's friend L on the way and spent a really nice couple of hours outdoors in the autumn sunshine.

We watched the ferret racing. There were four ferrets in each race. The girls both chose Blondie, yes she is named after Debbie Harry, although she isn't the one below, he was called Jamie, and they doubled their 20p stake to 40p when she did in fact win the race! 

As well as the ferrets there were farm animals to pet and a family who had bought along their collection of birds of prey. The owl fancied a bit of exercise and perched up in a tree for a while.

Sunday was an early start with much tidying and food preparation to do. 
A few weeks back T asked if he could arrange a birthday party for G.
Initially he wanted it to be a big surprise affair, but G really dislikes anything like that so after a bit of a chat T was happy just to go for something low key and let his Dad in on the idea.
With G's brother and sister not able to make this weekend and various friends having work commitments there ended up just being a handful of us, but that didn't matter. A jolly afternoon was had by us all, as well as a goodly slice of the chocolate birthday cake made by G's mum!

Followed by lots of presents today (his actual birthday) and a take away tonight, I think that should round of his birthday celebrations for this year quite nicely.


  1. Happy Birthday to G! Hope you recover from your cold soon. KP was coughing a lot last night so I think that she'll end up with one too!

  2. Happy Birthday too G - sounds like a lovely birthday to me.

    The nature even sounds good too, what fun!

    Sorry to hear you are unwell. I also feel much like that today it's gone round school and Dave's office so everyone but me had had it and I thought I had escaped but it's just caught up with me :( - hope we both feel better soon!

  3. What a lovely time in the park. Hope your cold is gone soon x

  4. Sounds like you had a fun weekend - the ferret races must have been a laugh!
    Happy Birthday to G - hope you are feeling well enough to enjoy the rest of the birthday celebrations.
    Gill xx

  5. That looks my kind of cake! Happy bday to G and hope your cold gets better very soon. The ferret race sounds fun. xx

  6. Belated Birthday wihes to G! Lovely looking choccy cake. I hope you feel better soon Lisa. x

  7. Happy belated birthday to G. What a lovely idea T had, but I'm with G, I hate surprises or any big do's. It sounds like it turned out to be just the ticket. I could just eat a piece of that cake, it looks scrummy. I love the sound of the nature event, we've seen ferret racing at events before, such fun.

  8. What a lovely day out, and that cake looks very tasty! Happy Birthday to G x

  9. LOVE ferrets sooo cute.yummy cake.hope you are soon