Monday, 15 October 2012


With the forecast looking good and the fact we hadn't made it along to the last couple of charity Pumpkin Festival events organised by the Jubilee Sailing Trust  on Saturday we popped out to one of the local country parks to see what was going on.

What a whopper!

The event was really well attended and there were a lot of interesting local information stands, children's craft stands, foodie sellers, craft sellers which we had just started to look around when the rain began.
We tried to brave it and kept wandering, but it got heavier and heavier so we sought refuge under one of the exhibitors marquees and watched as the rain turned to hailstones!

Thankfully it did stop and we were able to resume our wanderings which included a really entertaining half an hour listening to the Southampton Ukulele Jam who are fab, we've seen them at a few events around the City and they always get the crowd going (check them out on youtube if you fancy listening).

Now that's the biggest marrow I've ever seen!

One very sweet little scarecrow.

Of course I didn't come home empty handed. I bought a packet of Hallowe'en pasta shapes, just the thing for our evening meal on 31st October

and my other purchase were these two squashes, they are the size of satsumas, so cute  and a bargain 20p each and are the perfect autumnal decoration for the dining room mantelpiece.  


  1. Dear Lisa,
    I like those Halloween pasts shapes - what fun! We had that hailstones thing on Friday here. The scarecrow looks very cute!

  2. What a difference in size between the first picture and the last. What a cute little scarecrow, I bet she doesn't do a very good job of scaring the birds away.

  3. cor what huge vegetables! The tiny pumpkins are so cute - a great mantelpiece decoration. I haven't ever seen halloween pasta but what fun!

  4. Wow, that is one big ol' pumpkin...I wonder how many pumpkin pies that would make!
    Looks like a fun event :) Very cute scarecrow indeed..great photo.
    The Halloween pasta shapes are fun, never seen those before.
    Have a great day today x

  5. We had a very hard frost yesterday morning - it seems very very early! Can I have that scarecrow in my garden? xxx

  6. How cute is S!
    Mmh..perhaps having some blood/tomato sauce on your pasta?!
    Have a lovely week and enjoy the run up to Halloween!

  7. Halloween pasta - what a brilliant idea. Love the scarecrow. xx

  8. I know a pasta fiend that would love that pasta.