Saturday, 22 September 2012

Holy Rood part 3

I had to drop S off at a party in town this morning and as there wasn't really time to go home and then get back again I decided to take a wander in the sunshine and find the latest art work on the Holyrood estate. 
Whilst taking my lovely friend Lynn on a whistlestop tour of our City centre  when she recently came to visit I took her to see these sculptures and just by the sculpture of Dama Claramuda we saw this tiled picture of the lady herself along with the Bargate.

After a bit of investigating online I found out there are 7 of these tiled works of art on the blocks of flats.

So here we have the Titanic Stevedore

Two different pictures featuring the HolyRood church from which the housing estate takes it's name.

This one depicts the fact that Southampton is indeed the gate way to the world through it's long tradition of seafaring through emigration, trading and the cruise liner business. The white building is the Royal Pier which is just by the docks and would be seen by anyone arriving or leaving by sea and is now a Thai restaurant.

The last one is for WW2 and shows the iconic Spitfire which has very close connections with the City. It's designer RJ Mitchell lived in Southampton and many of the first planes were constructed here, in fact very close to where we live.

The final tiled picture shows four maps of the Holy Rood area in different centuries, but there is so much detail in them that it got lost in the photo so I haven't blogged that one. If you want to see it, then come and visit and I'll take you on a tour!


  1. These are fabulous. I shall look out for them !

  2. I'd love a tour, Lisa, there looks to be so many interesting things in Southampton. I love the Titanic one, I'm fascinated with all things Titanic.

  3. These look Brilliant Lisa - I wish we lived closer! xxxx

  4. I am here, lovey dovey! Oh, how I love those, especially Claramunda. Off to write you an overdue email...


  5. Stunning tile work with very interesting stories behind each one..thanks for sharing. I have never been to Southampton.. I will have to add it to my list of places to visit :)
    Magie x

  6. They are all lovely, great colours and really interesting subject matter.

  7. How interesting to be able to "read" the history of your town in tiled pictures!
    You're such an eagle eye for details, aren't you?!
    I hope you're all doing well!

  8. Aren't they brilliant!
    Seen any Daleks lately!
    tee hee,

    sarah -x-

  9. These are real works of art in themselves arent they? How great for the local children to learn about the history in their home town, as well as for visitors.