Monday, 17 September 2012

Our weekend

On Friday evening, to help ease us into the weekend, we all snuggled down on the sofa (with popcorn) to watch Bewitched. I had no idea what to expect as I hadn't read any reviews but it was entertaining, just not up to the normal Nora Ephron rom com standard. I think that had something to do with Will Ferrell as although he was funny in parts I just don't see him as romantic lead material, his eyes are too small!

Saturday we had a picnic in the park and then S spent ages playing in the playground. Her teddy from T has now been put to one side and the current favourite is this one accompanying her on the seesaw and wearing her cardi.

On Sunday morning I prepared this french toast bake for us to have after our roast beef and as there were lots of crusts left over S and I took a wander down to the local pond to feed the ducks where the crumbs were also very much appreciated by the water rats. 

In the afternoon I set about with this to change the porch from the peeling white paint you can see here

to the Hot Brick painted porch you can now see here. 
Not sure G likes it as he has only commented on how dark it looks, but I really like it. I think it feels quite cosy and welcoming. It needs another coat and the door needs a touch up of varnish too. Also the window sills need to be painted as these now look even grubbier. One job just leads on from the next doesn't it, but I don't mind, I've made a start and it'll all get done.

One thing that can now be put to use is this cream and pink flower bucket I bought in a charity shop last week, it's going to be handy for wet umbrellas.


  1. Evidence that what you said in one of your previous posts it's not true! If you can paint, then you're a crafter, LOL! Well don you on your touch of pink!

  2. What a lovely relaxing weekend. The porch looks fab, that's the next job we need to do in the house. I love the colour you've used.

  3. Ewww rats!!!! I love your porch - it looks great. The colour is perfect. Love the photo of S on the seesaw. Bewitched was my least fave Nora Ephron movie. I felt it was lacklustre, however I used to really love the series when I was little. xxx

  4. Love the porch makeover! I agree when you do one thing every thing else then looks tawdry. Our kitchen definitely needs a lick of paint - it's just getting motivated to do it that is the problem!
    Love the teddy in the park photo.

  5. The porch looks great and I like the dragonfly knocker!

  6. I used to love the original Bewitched,so when I saw the film it was a bit of a let down.
    Loving your makeover!
    Have a good week Lisa. :0)

  7. One job always leads to another ! Love the wee water rat... sadly we have a sign up in the village asking not to feed the ducks as real big rats are attracted !
    I totally loved the original Bewitched series & have seen the film ( love Nicole Kidman but not Will Farrel )

  8. You have been busy...
    Love that S is settled again.
    Love the door, I have knocker envy now!


  9. I used to love Bewitched (the old tv version) so I think we'll avoid the film! Love the porch colour, very warm & welcoming.

  10. I love that film! And your porch looks fab!!

  11. Love your blog you are so inspirational.I LOVE the porch it does look cosy,great job as the americans say lol.I have started to paint the garden fence but I hate doing it lol soooo boring.xx

  12. OOPS forgot to say.Brillliant pics,love the one of S n Ted on the seesaw.x