Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Back to School

All weekend S had been looking forward to Monday morning and the start of Junior school. A big day for our little girl. G took the day off so he could take S in and meet her at the end of the day too. Something she was very happy about.
As well as new uniform there also had to be a new lunch box.
I wouldn't mind one of these myself.

S was pretty laden down when she left yesterday, as well as her new book bag, with new lunch box safely inside, there was also her PE kit, a water bottle and her Hythe project. 

I think it's fair to say that T was considerably less excited about his first day back today, although he was happy with the fact he didn't have to go in until 11.30. He would be happy to have short hours every day!

One thing I know he is very pleased with is his new school bag. And as much as I covet S's lunch tin G would like T's new bag.

Going way back to the time before our introduction week with S the social work team suggested it would be a really good idea if T sent her a present in the form of a cuddly toy. T chose a little bear wearing a pink dress.
According to her foster parents S loved it on sight and carried it with her EVERYWHERE. One day whilst they were out shopping it got lost, they only realised once they were home and S's foster dad had to immediately go back to Tesco on a rescue mission and thankfully it was found, S was distraught thinking she wouldn't have her little bear anymore.
Although her overwhelming feeling about Junior school has been excitement I think she has also been a little nervous as this weekend the pink bear has once again been her cuddly toy of choice at bed time.
Security and comfort with big brother's bear.
When I went into S's bedroom yesterday this is the sight which greeted me and it made me smile so much. 

And I will admit to a little tear too.


  1. Ah bless. They both look very smart.

  2. That's a great lunch box! We have a few days before KP goes back to school and had thought that we had most things organized - but I suspect we'll remember something that should have been purchased and which hasn't!

  3. That smile is a ray of sunshine!
    I think that little bear says so much, she's home & safe, loved.


  4. Oh, always a happy-sad day, isn't it. And it is indeed a fab lunch box! xo

  5. What a fab lunch box!
    I hope they both have a great school year. For parents the school year just wizzes by but for kids it seems to be forever :P
    It sounds like the little pink teddy is very loved indeed, such a sweet story :)
    Magie x

  6. What a lovely heartwarming post. Both children look so happy new lunch boxes new bags new term x

  7. Awww such a sweet post Lisa.

    Glad S was in the main excited. It seems a big deal going back to school after the summer hols. Glad all went well for both.

    P x

  8. Make me blub buckets why don't you!! Seriously that gave me the warmest fuzziest feeling. S very much has your smile Lisa. And they both look so very very lovely xxxx

  9. How sweet is that little bear tucked up in a big bed? Both S and T look very smart setting off for school. T will enjoy sixth form when he gets there, talk about short hours, I think Daniel will be at home more this year than he's at school. I love the lunch box, shame I don't have to take sandwiches anywhere to justify a purchase.

  10. How happy is the little miss! She's so cute!

  11. Ahh, that tugs on the old heart strings! they both look so smart in their uniforms, and look at S, she is so gorgeous!x

  12. Hope they both enjoyed their first days back at school. This time of year always makes me feel a little bit sad, as it's yet another reminder of how quickly our children grow up. x

  13. Nice to see the little bear tucked up safely whilst S goes off to school. Such a caring little girl!x

  14. Oh how lovely is the story of the bear - gorgeous! And I'd quite like that lunch box myself!