Monday, 10 September 2012

A cough and some cakes

By the end of the first week at school S had developed a sore throat. Every new school year when she is back mixing with new people and all their bugs and germs S gets a cold or a cough and this year has been no exception. She was ok to go to school but by the time I had collected her that evening, from a friend's house where she had been invited for tea, she was pretty much worn out.
When she woke up on Saturday she was very croaky and quite listless and not feeling up to much. We did venture round to the church hall briefly for a jumble sale, very slim pickings there, and on our return she changed back into her PJ's and even managed a short doze on the sofa until the postman knocked the door very loudly.
T was happy to be indoors taking it easy and whilst S watched Scooby Doo and cuddled her teddy T suggested we play a game. Up to his room we went and after a bit of a debate he chose Break the Safe.
The four of us have only played this once before and I remembered the rules took us a while to read, but it was a lot of fun to play.
You have to play as a team in order to get around the board, avoid the guard and the guard dog,  make booby traps safe, collect four keys, all return to the start/finish room and then place the keys in the safe. This has to be done against the clock. 
And it's really tricky to get it done in time!

I'm not sure now how many games we played before we managed to actually Break the Safe but as you can see from T's face here he was mightily pleased when we were successful. Really, really, good fun. I recommend this game a lot, if you see it by it, or want a board game for slightly older children.

Thankfully by Sunday S was feeling brighter and as the sun was out we felt a walk was in order. Nothing to far or too strenuous, just something that would get us out for an hour.
We parked the car near to the Infant school I went to in the mid 70's. I love this school so much. I had some amazing teachers which I still remember with affection, the only down side was the evil dinner lady and head teacher who were mean to me over my food issues. To the right of the playground is a path which now borders a housing estate, when I went to school it was all open fields and I can remember playing there and going on picnics with friends.

The reason for a walk in this area was to see if we could gather any blackberries. To start with things weren't looking very hopeful but we did manage to fill a couple of small tubs

which once we were home again S and I turned into Simone's recipe for blackberry and chocolate chip muffins


  1. Glad S is feeling better, nothing worse than feeling poorly at the start of the school year.

    Your walk sounds lovely and with the added bonus of blackberrys to make those yummy looking cakes!

    P x

  2. Not seen as many blackberries around this year. It must have been all that rain that we had instead of sunshine. Hope S's sore throat is better soon.

  3. Those muffins look delicious, any going spare? Sorry to hear that S has been under the weather. I was always the same when I was working, picking up one germ after another. I think I've only had one cold since I stopped working. We've got Break The Safe, though I don't think I've ever played it. It's one the kids always enjoyed playing though.

  4. Glad S is feeling better :)
    The game sounds like fun. I work at the first school I went to - all the trees we have on our field were planted by the children when I was a pupil. We had a lovely headteacher then but now we have an awful one who makes the staff miserable :(

    The muffins sound good!

  5. Poor S, glad to hear she's on the mend!
    Have a lovely week!

  6. Get well soon S! Those muffins sound tasty. We had an evil dinner lady too - Mrs Bower! I'll never forget her. x

  7. ive been catching up on your blog postings- lovely adventures and photography ;0)...those muffins look deeeeeeelicious ;0)xx

  8. Oh the downside to back to school - glad Miss S is feeling better now.

    You've reminded me - I must put a tub in my bag for tomorrow - my travels take me past some excellent blackberry bushes :)

  9. Yum to those muffins, and love the board game, will have to look out for it...

    Letter recieved & one written back already....


  10. Thanks for the game recommendation, Lisa, a good idea for a Christmas gift I think! x

  11. Glad S is feeling better now! Sophie was the sam, absolutely fine for 4 weeks while we were on holiday then 2 days back at nursery and she had a cold!

    Lovely to catch up with you!

  12. Its that time of year again when the germs start doing the rounds - hope S is feeling better now.
    Have never played that game, it looks a goody!
    Loved the glimpse of your pretty blue dresser laden with mugs in the background - looks great!
    Gill xx

  13. I hope you enjoyed the muffins! x

  14. Good to see S ok now,T is very handsome.Yum Yum bet they tasted good.xx