Monday, 3 September 2012

Days 39-42

The last instalment from our school holiday.
S went back to school, first day of Junior school no less. T goes back tomorrow.

Back to Thursday now though and it was time for our summer trip with friends to Netley Abbey. I am lucky enough to have met, (20 years ago now!) through us starting at the same workplace within a few weeks of each other, a lovely person who became a good friend. She has 3 equally lovely children and we meet up each holiday at Netley Abbey. The children run around and play hide and seek, we sit and chat. It's a good arrangement. 
Instead of the usual photos of the Abbey the ones I took this time were of two very smiley gargoyles.

I always pop into the churchyard on a Thursday to check on Dad's flowers and as we were leaving S and I spotted this squirrel sat on a headstone. Thankfully he stayed still long enough for me to quickly whip out the camera.

I was planning on a day of doing something on Friday but the children just wanted to mooch so that's what we did in the end. No photos of anything we did so instead I am showing off my new mixing bowl which I bought with some birthday money from my mum. 
A crown motif with LET THEM EAT CAKE. In a lovely deep red. Perfect.

I'm not sure how many times our plans for the weekend changed. Salisbury was the plan for Sunday, then it changed to Saturday, then back to Sunday and then not at all.
In the end we went into town to listen to a free music event in one of the parks and took a picnic with us.

The forecast for Sunday had been dry and reasonably warm so we had planned a walk on the Common, a picnic and possibly if the sun did appear a splash around in the paddling pool up there.
Sadly the weather didn't live up to the forecast and it turned out our plans had to change! Fairly typical of the holidays this year I think.
It did give us chance to finish off S's homework though.
She had to make a poster about 'a fantastic day out' from over the course of the summer break and she chose our trip to Hythe.
Good job she has a mum who takes photos of just about anything and everything and so had plenty of things with which to decorate her poster with!


  1. I like the gargoyles! It has been such a strange summer and we tended to live from day to day without any plans as such. We didn't even have a holiday or visit the beach, which I am sad about. It is good that you have a record here of days out and of good times too.

  2. Netley Abby is lovely. I used to meet up with friends at Christchurch Abby for picnics when the children were young.
    The local Primary school went back today & Dillon was there at the gate wagging his tail. Of course it has been a very hot day - typical !

  3. They aren't very scary gargoyles. Great mixing bowl and that poster is fab!

  4. I love S' poster - & you recording the 6 weeks its been a lovely idea....
    That bowl is perfect for whipping up some biscuits.
    Hope the return to school goes ok.

    Love Lx

  5. Yes, it's nearly time to go back to school here too. Only a few more days to go. Love the red mixing bowl! Never been to Netley Abbey - must look it up!

  6. Wow, you have been busy. The free music event sounds like fun.
    Your daughters poster looks great!
    I just adore the mixing bowl, where did you buy it?
    Have a lovely day today :)
    Magie x

  7. Brilliant Hythe poster! I am hoping to get the Faraway Littles scrapbooking - I'll keep you posted!
    Loving the mixing bowl, lets eat some cake!

    Sarah -x-

  8. That poster is fabulous! I love it. I don't know how i missed your previous post, but the photo of you and your dad is really lovely. I know that you miss him very much. XXXXXXX

  9. What a great poster, I'm sure S will be going straight to the top of the class. Hope she enjoyed her first day at junior school. Our's have gone back today, but Daniel only had to go in for an interview so he's home already. I love the mixing bowl, the only problem is it would encourage me to bake more and that's no good for my waistline.

  10. I hope everything went smoothly for S and T at school!
    See how useful is blogging, he he!

    Michela x