Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Days 34-38

Well the house didn't feel too strange for too long as S came home on Saturday. She found she was missing us too much and wanted to come home instead of staying with Nanny for another night. I went and collected her at 7pm after she had eaten and had a bath and was all togged up in her PJ's.
So I did have the day to myself and spent most of it painting S's bedroom. I can't remember when I began painting it, months ago I suspect, it feels like it's been an ongoing project for far too long. The walls were a pale purple but you wouldn't believe how hideous this has been to cover with the new shade of pink S chose.
I did manage to escape for an hour halfway through the day as G had asked me to post a parcel and as I had to pop out and do that I also popped into one of the local charity shops. Which is where I found this cute little mug. Best 50p I have spent in ages.

As more painting wasn't on the cards on Sunday with S back at home and G at work I asked her which playground she would like to go to. S chose the one by the shore so we had plenty of fresh air whilst enjoying being outside and we decided a little visit to the ice cream van would be a good idea too!
Back home we played together on the Wii, she was teaching me how to do the Scooby Doo game, but that was only after we had spent a little time creating a colourful streamer for the garden out of plastic carrier bags.

T came home on Monday after having the most fantastic time at Grandma's, the highlight being an open top bus trip to Stonehenge.
Monday also marked the fourth year anniversary of when my wonderful Dad passed away. This isn't a great quality photo of a photo, but here we are together on my wedding day.
I can't believe four years have gone by. He is with me everyday though, in my heart I carry my love for him.
I was swamped by grief for so long when Dad died, I didn't think there would ever be a normality to life again, but life does go on, it's just different because a huge and important chunk is missing, but go on it does.

Tuesday we went to buy T a new school jumper, one of the expensive ones with the school's name on it. 
Only we ended up not having to buy one from the school supply shop.
On our way to the shop we stopped in a couple of charity shops (I'm sure you wouldn't expect to read anything else) and there on the children's clothes rail was a practically brand new sweater in T's size for 50p!
I repeat 50p.
This now became the best thing I had recently spent 50p on! 
The school T goes to isn't local to where we have to go to buy the uniform so it was a real fluke to find one there.
After such a successful shopping trip we went to the cinema to see Brave and then for a meal.

Today was not the kind of day T dreams of. It started with a six monthly check up at the dentist and was followed with trouser shopping.
Not for school trousers, just normal every day jeans and chino trousers which made it just ever so slightly more interesting, but not by much. 
Back home the children amused themselves whilst I spent another couple of hours slapping paint on S's walls and quietly cursing the fact that the paint has run out and I need to buy another tin before this wretched decorating will be finished. I'm sure it'll all be worth it in the end!


  1. How lucky to find that school jumper in a CS! I can't believe it's back to school next week, I'm not happy!

    Lovely photo of you and your dad, glad to hear you seem to be coping ok with the anniversary and feeling normality again, sad though it is.

    Good luck with the painting, that's a job I really hate!

  2. Lucky find on the jumper front! School stuff is so expensive.

    Love the photo of you and your lovely dad. It must be so hard dealing with the loss. I know my still misses my grandad and he has been gone for almost 19years now. The power of love I think.

    Ah yes kids and decorating a tricky mix. But sometimes necessary. Hope you finish soon.

    P x

  3. Having just done the school uniform shopping it is very expensive! Why can't I find a 50p bargain! Good luck with the painting - I start off all enthusiastic and then things wane quite quickly! Good luck with finishing off the walls.

  4. What a lovely photo of you and your Dad Lisa. It sounds as if you are coping well with your loss, I don't know how I'll handle it when it happens. Hugs. x

  5. Sorry it's been a tough week with the anniversary of your dad passing away, Lisa. These dates are always hard to deal with. The wedding day photo is really lovely, you both look so happy. I've never found a bargain in a charity shop like the 50p jumper but I've passed on uniform with logos on them to the charity shop knowing that someone else will pick up a bargain. Probably not 50p though, the charity shops round here seem to be so expensive. I love your other 50p bargain, so cute. Keep plodding on with the decorating, it will be worth it in the end. I must get round to doing a post about Eleanor's bedroom now it's finished.

  6. I always wanted to go home early from sleepovers ( there's no place like home ! ) Well done on the school jumper front that was a great find.
    You must have lovely memories of your dad and that love & warmth shines with all the lovely things you do with your children xx

  7. What a great deal on the school jumper!
    The painting does seem to drag on sometimes doenst it. I hate that feeling you get when having gone over the walls a second time you have that dread feeling that its going to need a third coat - why do I never chose a colour from the "one coat" ranges?
    Good luck with it. it'll be worth it!
    Gill xx

  8. Wonderful wedding photo. You are so fresh faced!!! Your Dad looked like a lovely man. Good luck with the painting. I hope you are finished with it soon! x

  9. That Mug is brilliant. Your words about your Dad really spoke to me, my Dad passed away ten months ago...
    I posted the Muffin recipe here by the way;

  10. That mug is so cute, looks perfect for a nice warm cup of tea or hot chocolate. It sounds like you deserve one after all that painting you have been doing.
    Bargain finding the School jumper for just .50p, that was a stroke of luck.
    I would love to see the garden streamer you made..sounds like fun. I saw some bunting made from plastic carrier bags the other day in the neighbouring village, I think it was for someone's wedding.
    I hope the rest of the painting goes smoothly, it looks like a lovely colour..
    Magie x