Saturday, 11 August 2012

Days 18 and 19

In my last post I mentioned we needed to buy a special item at the shops for a garden project and here it is. A bag of straw.
No we haven't added to the Jumble and Jelly household with another pet,

we needed it for stuffing a scarecrow. To be honest this is something we were going to do last year and it never happened. G had lashed together 2 lengths of dowelling and I had bought clothing items from a jumble but that was as far as it went. Until Thursday when our very own Worzel Gummidge began to take shape.

He needs finishing off with a head, he is wearing S's sun hat here for the photo call, but he is in situ and looking very smart in his baggy green jumper and faux leather trousers!

In the afternoon I packed us up a picnic and we set off for the local park to eat and play games but half way there we decided it was so hot we would stop off at the pond and field instead. Miller's Pond has very recently been awarded Nature Reserve status

and the field where horses once grazed and the grass was kept low has now been allowed to grow. And very pretty it is too and it is alive with butterflies and bees

and a multitude of other insects, no idea what this is and it was only briefly on S's headscarf,

but it isn't now really conducive for picnic eating and ball game playing. So after we ate and attempted a quick game of catch we packed up and went for a little wander around the pond instead. 

Friday G was off with us and we took a bus to Titchfield to walk along the canal. The links will give you lots of interesting info about the area, like the fact the canal is believed to be the second oldest in the country.
 A nice little des res in the distance just at the start of what was to prove to be the walk with the worst set of directions we have ever had. 

The walk wasn't without it's highlights though. An owl's face and wing can clearly be seen in the shape of this tree.

We found a perfect spot alongside the canal for picnic eating and toe dipping and it was flaming cold!

This part of the canal was completely still and the water was covered in algae, it was so totally covered it looked like it had been carpeted.

We kept spying flashes of the most iridescent blue all along the canal until finally I managed to snap one of the dragonflies as it rested for a few seconds.

The second part of the walk took us through this field

and led to a very conveniently placed bench with said 'Rest and be Thankful' and we were.

Horses and foals in the last field we walked through

before returning back to the village.
S liked the pink door, I liked the blue glass.

Clicking on the above link for Titchfield shows a photo of the centuries old houses in South Street and is where this little oddly placed little window is.


  1. Dear Lisa,
    You seem to have been busy. I've always wanted to make a scarecrow but never got round to it - like a million other things! That river / canal walk looks lovely. I could do with dipping my toes in cold water right now having been out in the blazing sun weeding the drive! Gosh it was hot!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  2. Ive always wanted to make a scarecrow - I love yours xxxx

  3. WOW,wonderful pics i love them all.

    Sooo hot here too,had a great day yesterday in the blazing sun,it was our "Lifeboat Day",raised lots of money.Thanks so much for you lovely visit n comment on me blog.Huggles x

  4. Your adventures always looks so fun, can I come along next time?

  5. I love these walks you take us on. Super scarecrow !

  6. Hello Lovely Lady
    Just caught up on 19 days, what a lovely idea, and what lovely things you have been up too....
    The scarecrow is fab (especially the trousers!) & earings in buttons.....ooohhh.
    Beautiful holday memories as well, its all been fab to catch up on....


  7. I like your fun! I love going to see the scarecrow competitions the villages put on around us. Our village doesn't do one though.
    It sure looks like you have some lovely area's to go exploring around you. How cute is the owl tree..looks like an owl's face for sure.
    Have a lovely day today..
    Magie x