Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Days 25-29

I'm not managing the post a day I wanted to do over the summer holiday but I am (kind of) keeping up with what we've been up to.
Back to Thursday we go now. 
Thursday was the day we always get during the break. A day of whinge and whine. A day of needling each other for no good reason.  A day when nothing can really be enjoyed 'just because'.
So this seemed the perfect time, when it came round to the evening, to try a gin and tonic. I don't drink a great deal of alcohol but there are a few drinks I would like to sample and this was one of them.
Never again.
I asked G if he had ever tried a G&T and he said he had, but he didn't like it as it was like drinking shampoo. I wished I had listened.
It was vile.

Friday was a much nicer day.
We took the ferry over to Hythe, we went in March last year and had a really good day and thought it was probably time for another visit.

S's new Meerkat was given prime window watching position in the little train which you can take along the pier.

It was such a beautiful day as this photo of the bunting along the water's edge proves

and I thought the bunting on the freezer cabinets in Waitrose was very eye catching too!

This was the perfect spot for us to sit and enjoy our ice creams

before we headed to the playground where after about 20 minutes it started to rain.

Which only added to the day because we got to see a, albeit very faint, rainbow.

Whilst waiting for the ferry G pointed out this message carved into one of the planks on the pier  

and next to it shows that thankfully....

As we were returning to Southampton a much larger vessel was leaving, the Queen Victoria.

No photos from Saturday as it was a day spent tidying. G wanted to clear out the attic so we did a trip to the charity shop with items we no longer needed/wanted and then we all lazed around as it was so hot and humid.

Sunday was even hotter but we had decided we were going out regardless. Just a few weeks ago we had been to Manor Farm for a WW2 event and they this weekend they were holding a Victorian Whodunnit event.

There were four woman in Victorian dress who we had to interview to try and work out who had stolen the church silver. T REALLY got into it and it was he who confronted the thief and she confessed all!
This was a note written by one of the suspects, left for us to read as evidence.

There were a couple of things we saw this time that we missed on our last visit. The pantry door was open so of course a photo had to be taken as I knew I wouldn't be the only one who would want to see.

I was wondering if this had anything to do with the Wartime Farm series which is being filmed at here.

My three most favourite pictures of the day, after the ones of the piggies.
My dream garden door complete with hollyhocks.

Free range chickens in the cottage garden.

A little robin who was flitting around the picnic tables seeing what he could find.

No photos from Monday. 
We spent 3 hours at the eye hospital for one of S's appointments and followed that with an impromptu meet with another lovely blogger. The plan was then to make our way into town to do some shopping but T received a text from school friends asking him to meet up with them elsewhere so I let him go off with them and took S to the park where she just happened to see two friends from school. So whilst she was off playing I got to chat to another adult for a while and everyone was happy. Result.


  1. Dear Lisa,
    Lovely posting about the Summer hols. Love the piggy photos. I think we may have to try and go to that farm ourselves, it looks like a good day out! Love the photo of your daughter in the train with the meerkat too!

  2. I've never tried those cans of ready mixed spirits, though I used to drink all sorts of things in my younger days, now I just stick with wine. I love the carving on the pier, and the fact that they left a message to let everyone know the outcome. The whodunnit event sounds just up our street. Mick and I went on a murder mystery weekend many years ago before we had kids. I love the pig pictures too, especially the little dirty one stretched out in the sun.

  3. I looked at the bunting in my local Waitrose and was going to ask if I could have some when they tear them down as I'm sure they'll only bin them. Lovely photos,especially the wood carving....how romantic!

  4. This is why we make such good friends - I could drink all the G&T!! I bet you would like Pimms. You look as if you are having a great time xxxx

  5. Lovely post ( We always get those scratchy days in the holidays ) You couldn't pay me to drink Gin & tonic - just the smell of Gin makes me feel ill !

    One day we will get to Manor farm as it looks so good. You are very welcome to spend a day here. Jess could collect you from Brokenhurst station ( She's just left for the station to go to Reading festival )

    Love the message on the Pier !

  6. Bunting update!! I've just phoned my local Waitrose to ask if I can have some bunting and they are going to see if it's going to be recalled to head office and if not i can have some! If they do, and I get lots, (!) I'll let you have some of it! I'll keep you posted! x

  7. We have had a summer break of highs and lows! It seems that your good days outweigh the bad at least!!! Thank you for sharing some great days out. x

  8. What an interesting time you've had - but I love the carving on the planks of the pier - I wonder if they're married now?