Friday, 24 August 2012

Days 30-33

A short round up for the rest of this week. 
Tuesday was our car's MOT.
I don't like taking the car to the garage, it's very much out of my comfort zone. I know nothing about cars.
 The chap who runs the garage is very friendly and talks to me in a non technical way. The chap who works for him is more the sort, in my opinion anyway, who thinks a mechanic's workshop isn't any place for a female. When I dropped the car off I explained to him it was for the MOT and also some work on the exhaust.
'What makes you think there is something wrong with the exhaust?' he asked me, you can guess the tone of voice he used I'm sure.
I just smiled sweetly and said
'Because it's fallen off, I may not have great technical knowledge when it comes to cars, but I reckon that is a problem!'
The children were kept busy all day as S was at her friend's house and T had a friend over.

On Wednesday to hopped on a train to Chandler's Ford to investigate Hiltingbury Lakes. This is where we ate our lunch and played 21 dare. Apparently it's a game T plays at school.
One of S's dares was to walk like a penguin whilst quack like a duck. One of T's was to skip up to a tree shout out 'I'm a girl' and skip back again. I had to shout out 'I'm pregnant and my baby has the face of a duck'. Thankfully it was deserted!

Yesterday we headed to a local Country park to meet up with my aunt, two cousins and their young children for games and a picnic. T bought a (girl)friend along with him and she persuaded him to have a go on the mini roundabout! Just love this photo of him having a good old chuckle about the fact he is sat on a baby deer!

S chose the horse as it looked a little like a My Little Pony, she is nearly too big for these rides too!

And today the house is very quiet. T went off to Salisbury this morning. He is staying with Grandma until Monday and this afternoon, after some homework which needed to be completed in readiness for Junior school, I took S to my mum's as she is staying with her until Sunday. It feels strange!


  1. They are both growing up so fast Lisa, and they are both so very gorgeous still. Enjoy the peace! xxxx

  2. My house feels strange with Jess away at Reading festival. Looks fun on the roundabout !

  3. Oh Lisa, you've had me howling here with 21 Dare. I'm sorry, I have the sense of humour of a 9 year old. The photos of T and S are lovely, definitely ones for the album. 'Girl' friend, is she a friend who's a girl or a girlfriend? You have have to watch them when they get to secondary school you know, Eleanor's boyfriend his here as I type. Why do they grow up so fast?

  4. The OH's mum lives in Chandlers Ford - what a small world we live in! Great photos of T and S!

  5. Sounds like its been very busy! I love your car garage story!

    Victoria xxx