Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Day 24

With a rainy day forecast for Wednesday we decided that buying school uniform and then taking ourselves off to the cinema would be the way to go. That was until T started to chat online with a friend from his junior school he hadn't seen for a year. T found out that this lad had recently moved a little closer to us and at 4.45pm he asked 'could J come over and possibly stay the night?'
So school uniform buying was put on hold for the time being, J came over and the boys did computer game playing and S and I played with beads.

Most of these beaded sticks are S's creation, she did far more than me. I just love them! So zingy and full of colour.

Some are keepers and others are going to be given away.

Luckily a few of the beads were perfect for the bottom as they had just the right size hole to be snugly threaded onto the bamboo stick and then wouldn't budge, others I held in place with a dab of superglue. We started threading them a little way up so there would be a bit of stick to push into the soil of a pot plant. 

The last four we made we topped off with a bead with an initial on, one for each of our names.

This is the photo which inspired our making today. It's from a book called How Does Your Garden Grow? which was also the inspiration for our scarecrow. As S has a huge stash of beads from various sets she has been given over the years I thought this was the ideal craft to use them on. It kept us entertained for over 2 hours which I think is pretty good going.

The photo next to this in the book is craft idea made with plastic drinking straws. I wanted to include this as 
1. someone may want to give it ago
2. I made this with T many years ago, way before I had heard of blogging and when he would actually do the occasional sit down and make something with mum thing! If I had a blog back then then it would no doubt have been photographed and blogged, so recording it now is the next best thing.


  1. Dear Lisa,
    Those beaded creations are just great! I love the vibrant colours. We too have a stash of beads and you've set me thinking as to what we can do with them! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. What a great way of brightening up a potted plant. I think Eleanor has some beads hanging around, I shall show her this post, I might get a creation for my flowerpots. Just been catching up on your posts, I love the scarecrow, just what I need for the allotment.

  3. I love the beads!! We were thinking of gun wharf today too!! Have you heard of the milestones museum? It's in Basingstoke I think, on Sunday they are having a ww2 day where the children get a ration book and can buy a ration of sweets from the old sweet shop, it's all under cover too, we are going to go, I've not been before but I really fancy it, I think I'm more excited than joshy!!!! Xxxx

  4. I miss the kids being little and the school hols when I read your blog. xxx

  5. what a great rainy day activity and a nice bit of plant pot decoration!

    Thanks for your comment on my 'round three' post :)

  6. What a great idea. They're so colourful and cheery.

  7. Oooh! I LOVE those!! they're fab, and what a lovely way to get creative. May have a go at those, I have lots of beads left from my jewellery making days.x

  8. Those are brilliant Lisa! I think YOU should write a book,'How to entertain your kids during the holidays',you are always finding great things to do with yours.
    Oh no cream with my strawberries..just low fat yoghourt.It's working though,I've lost exactly 3 stone now! :0)

  9. Oooh, I love the bead sticks, and the straw thing as well! I want to make them all too!

  10. No matter what's the weather like, your always share some cherfulness with us, thanks!
    Have a good weekend!

  11. Love this - I think we may be taking your idea for this weekend....


  12. so sweet and gorgeous colours! have you managed a uniform outing? It's so bonkers shot here we are wilting!

    Sarah -x-