Friday, 3 August 2012

Days 3-10

Maybe this should have the far more interesting title of 'Our Family Holiday in Calella'
I took over 200 photos whilst we were away and have decided to do an A-Z to give a snapshot of what we saw and what we did.

A is for the stunning Architectural detail on some of the old buildings in the town of Calella. I have taken a load of photos of balconies, doors and shutters!

Blue, need I say more?

C is for the amount of Chips eaten this week! We were half board in our hotel with all you can buffet for breakfast and evening meal. S ate a good selection, T being a bit fussier these days stuck to pasta and chips!

We passed this statue of Dancers every day on the way to the beach, it looked fabulous against the blue sky.

The Eyes have it!

I love this Flower, can't remember the name of it, but I do like the ditsy little petals.

Can't go to Spain and not take a photo of a red Geranium. These pots and flowers covered one of the outside walls of our hotel.

All being in one room with limited space didn't stop T and S playing Hide and seek. Just love this photo!

Smurf flavoured Ice cream anyone?

Big Jump into the pool.

A Kiss for Dad.

Street Lighting.

Nearly every day we visited one particular snack bar so the children could have  long tall cool delicious Milkshakes.

At a pedestrian crossing you press the button and a timer comes up and counts down the time in red to show how long there is to wait until the lights change and the traffic is stopped. Then whilst you are crossing the Numbers count down in green showing how long you have until the traffic will move again.

Just one of the Old balconies, the date on this is 1832.

I think this is an agave, even if it isn't it's definitely a Plant.

'Quick turn around and see what's behind you!' I leave you to guess what happened a few seconds later.

Five minutes walk from our hotel there was a park which we visited a few times and that's where this Row of trees are.

Completely gorgeous Saddlebags. 

The Tiled bottom of a balcony.

A beach Umbrella.

A View over the town from the top of the park

and this was the View to the side.

I can't tell you how much fun was had in the Waves. T and S spent so much time in the water, they both love swimming and playing in the sea or the pool.

Yellow tiles.

An eXtra long straw in those tall milkshakes.

Zarrapastroso. Apparently this means shabby in Spanish. This is one of my most favourite photos. I think this is very zarrapastroso in a very chic way.

Hope you enjoyed my selection and made it to the end!


  1. Yes, I made it to the end. Some fab photos there. My favourites are your daughter with the wave behind her - I bet she got wet a few seconds later and the hide and seek one! The last one with the old door and bike is wonderful too.
    What a lovely holiday you had!

  2. Loving the idea of Smurf ice cream!!

    Victoria xx

  3. What a great idea to do this post as an alphabet! Looks like you had lots of fun, sounds like a nice week away!

  4. I really enjoyed your lovely photo's and alphabet count down Lisa. Looks like you guys had a fantastic time!

    P x

  5. Looks like you had a great trip, that was a great hide and seek picture

  6. Always love a bit of architectural detail and that statue of the dancers is lovely. The hide and seek photo is hilarious and as for Smurf ice-cream wow!

  7. You gave us a lovely 'flavour' of your holiday Lisa,and it looks like you all had a funpacked week!

  8. Oh wow! Just look at your holiday ! I love your photos and the amazing images of the children in the sea - and that SEA is fabulous! It looks and sounds as though you had a great time - thank you for sharing :-)

  9. I love the idea of doing this alphabetically, looks like you had a great time! Not sure I'm keen on Smurf ice cream though.

  10. Love your pictures, Lisa - looks like you had a great holiday in the sunshine! x

  11. Those flowers look like Lantana.
    Thank you for sharing your fun holiday!

  12. You have captured the feeling of the holiday perfectly Lisa! x