Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Days 20-23

After our canal walking adventures on Friday we stayed at home on Saturday. The most energetic thing we managed, which I let myself get talked into this time, was a water fight. 

Sunday was another lazy day mainly spent at home. We did go out to the park for an hour. The long flower border was in full bloom and looked really lovely and the flowers were being appreciated by the bees and butterflies too.

We took a football with us and G devised games to play which involved kicking it through this gap. Do you like the manly stance he assumed for photo taking purposes?!

Yesterday S had a friend over in the afternoon and so she was busy playing girlie games and T tried to get me interested in his Sims games on the X-box. 

Today, along with my mum, we went to Telegraph Woods because it's somewhere she has never been to and the children wanted to see if the rope swing we discovered a few weeks back was still there. It was, but the rope has been shortened and couldn't be sat on as before so they just clung on and went for it!

We took a different walking route through the woods and discovered a hole in the fence onto a golf course which was deserted apart from two figures in the distance. More people out enjoying a lovely summer's day.


  1. A lovely post. I like the sunflower photo - it's the first sunflower I've seen this year! Children and water - you can't go wrong!

  2. My borders are in full bloom too - with weeds!!

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely day, at least the weather has improved. The flowers are lovely, I seem to have a garden of nettles!

  4. Loving your lazy days - I do wish Summer lasted longer. xxxx

  5. Sounds like you all had a great time.Brilliant pics,wow look at that blue sky.x

  6. The Telegraph woods sound fun with a rope to dangle from. We used to plant sunflowers when the kids were small - Jess's grew to be a giant one year !

  7. What a strange summer we are having real sunshine and showers but at least you found some sunshine for your trips out
    love the manly stance by the way!