Sunday, 20 January 2013

From my phone

The photo taken on my last post at the train was taken using the camera on my phone, I had meant to pop a camera in my bag but I forgot. In fact I don't tend to use the camera on my phone very much, it's normally only used when I have forgotten my proper one or it's out of action because there aren't any charged batteries in it.
When I got home and downloaded the photo I realised there were also lots of other photos on there of the children I would have wanted to pop on the blog at the time of taking if only they had been on the camera. So in the spirit of better late than never here are just a few.

Quite in keeping with the current weather, this photo of S was taken in December 2011 after one of the choir rehearsals she attended for the City's Christmas carol concert. The snowman was part of a mural in the playground of the school where the rehearsals were held.

S all dressed up ready to go on the evening of the Christmas carol concert, you can't really see but wrapped around each bunch she has a piece of silver tinsel. Just look at that big smile, if you look at that you don't notice my mum's shopping trolley in the background!

I love it when Malcolm stretches out like this on the bed, he usually does this when he is in a deep sleep and gently snoring away. He looks like he is doing some kind of balletic leap.

A trip to town last Spring, although it could have been the summer, S is wearing her coat so could have been any season thinking back to the weather last year! We all tried on various pairs of union jack sunglasses in Primark

and although we had a laugh trying them all on none were purchased.


  1. How nice to find all these little snippets of life on your phone. Malcolm is such a great name for your cat, I love it, and the photo of S and the snowman is great too :)

  2. Love the shades! And don't we always have photos packed away either digitally or actually that we forget about? I never quite know what to do with mine. Thanks for sharing!

  3. She does have the biggest smile ever. And T is such a cool dude xxxxxx

  4. I agree, these photos couldn't be left off the blog.

  5. I always take pants photos with the phone so don't bother - maybe I should just practice more. LOve the sunglasses photos!

  6. Lovely pictures! After reading I decided to upload everything from my phone to the pc - never done it before and there was nearly 2 years worth of funny family photos!Thanks for the reminder!

  7. Lovely to find these extras to show us !

  8. Great photos of the children - I love S's big happy smile!
    And I could just tickle Malcolm's tummy right now :-)
    Thanks for popping by, Lisa, I really appreciate it. And I love your new blog header - such a pretty picture,
    happy days,

  9. Great family photos!
    Just loving those cool glasses! I notice you have a new profile photo of yourself wearing them too!
    Keep warm Lisa!
    Gill xx