Wednesday, 2 January 2013


I've been slowly tidying things up over the past couple of days.
The Christmas touches to the dresser are still there for now though.
There has been a lot of indoor time, too much for my liking really.
Not only have the weather been too unwelcoming for venturing too far, but since Saturday S has had chicken pox.

Thankfully she has only had a smattering of spots and she has coped really well with the itchiness and discomfort of it all.
T hasn't had chicken pox so I'm just waiting for the spots to show on him too!
G has been off work this week also, some kind of virus which has made his body and all his joints ache from head to toe.

Later today G and I are going up to Salisbury to stay over night in preparation for his dad's funeral tomorrow morning.
My mum is coming to stay here with the children, so I had better get on with a bit more of that tidying.


  1. Thank goodness S hasn't got Chicken Pox too bad, it can be awful. Eleanor had it at the age of two when we were in Minorca, she didn't suffer too badly, but Daniel's spots came out the day after we returned home and he had it really bad. It's been quite a while waiting for the funeral, what with Christmas and New Year. Hope everything goes as well as it can in the circumstances.

  2. Ow! Chicken pox! I hope she is feeling better soon and that if T gets it, he'll be OK too. Thinking of you as you travel to the funeral x

  3. Oh dear chicken pox is horrible, I remember it well.
    Hope all goes well, sending love. x

  4. Hope things go as well as they can tomorrow. x

  5. I remember being dabbed with Calomine lotion on a cold spoon! Poor S - give her a snuggle from me. Hope all goes as well as can be expected tomorrow. xxxxxx

  6. Glad to hear the chickenpox isn't too severe, and fingers crossed that T doesn't get it, too. Hope the funeral goes as well as can be expected tomorrow - thoughts will be with you xx

  7. I hope things go ok tomorrow. Sorry to hear one of your little ones has Chicken Pox. Take care.
    Claire x

  8. Sorry to hear that the family have been unwell. I hope that the funeral went as well as can be expected. x

  9. Oh no Chicken Pox to start the new year !
    So sad too to be going to the funeral - hope it can raise a smile or two like the one I went to recently - a happy / sad occassion.

  10. Hope all goes well and the chicken pox is gone soon.

  11. What a lot you have going on at the start of this year.

    Hoping that the illnesses right themselves and the funeral goes as well as these things can.

    Victoria xx

  12. Hi Lisa, hope S is much better now and T not suffering either!

    I just stopped by to ask if you'd like a copy of a book you thought sounded interesting, Flights of fancy - you commented on it in my readings post from the end of April last year. I have a spare copy to give away so if you'd like it, please reply to my comment and let me know where to send it (you should see my email address)... you can look inside the book on amazon if you want to be sure and it's no problem if you don't want it, I'll just do a give away with it, but I wanted to offer it to someone who was interested in it at the time I mentioned it first.


  13. I LOVE your clotted cream pitcher on your shelf. SO cute! Hope Chicken pox went as well as they can!

  14. Hi Lisa
    Sorry to hear that S has been poorly, and G too. It's been a winter for it, hasn't it?
    I hope all went well for the funeral. Sending you all a big hug and love at this sad time - take care,